Ayoo, y'all!

Vince here. And yes, I know, poonkek flew by (nyu~). Anyway, getting to the point I had this one other idea (out of my other endless ones) of mine that we could do for the Art Gallery (formerly the Fanart page) is that we all try to at least do some contests like who can draw each other's characters in their own respective art styles, their favorite characters in their own art styles, landscapes in their own art styles and/or wiki appreciation artworks.

I had that idea going for a long time and thought that probably it could be the best time to propose it and have you all hear it out and I would really, for once in all of your lives in the wiki, love to hear what you guys have to say about it and feel about it. Because... let's face it, one of the things we fear for the wiki and ourselves is already dawning over us with none of you even noticing slightly -- the time where the wikis we are in are starting to fade and interactings become less and less frequent to the point that we may all just go "who are you?" to each other. Hell, it's already become a thing without anyone noticing at worst.

Just seriously though. For once, like back then, give this some thought and let me hear you all out for, yet again, once in a long time.

- Vince!