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Friends in the Wiki

Chakatan: The derpiest possible guy you will ever know in the wikia family and the one who I consider and treat like my little brother here. He's one of the people here who I can rely on when I need it. While the business of the fact that I used to antagonize him (what even?) when he first joined the group, 'cause his usual derpiness crossed with my (former) usual seriousness, I learned to get used with dealing with Chak everyday. Needless to say I practically like hanging out and talking with him more than I used to now (I hate past me). Whenever he is troubled, I always help him out if he needs me.

Fanny: The only possible girl that you may ever encounter here and the one who I consider and treat as my little sister here. She's one the people here who I can rely on whenever possible. Pretty much, though I never talk about it as openly possible but, both of us (kind of) rely on each other, but Fan most often than not relies on me for support when she's down and I can safely say that I'm always there to lend her a hand when she needs it, whether it's something or another, you can rest assure that I'll have my hand extended to her when she needs me.

Sethster: Former weasel. A very close friend of mine who is anything but a weasel now (or is he?). He was (actually is, still) among the ones that I like to constantly make fun of.

Bobby/Darkfire: Former professional loiterer of the wiki. He's become one of my very close friends after some much spent time talking to each other... unfortunately he's become one of my most favorite targets to make fun of.

Khenny: The ever FabDuck of the group. One of my most favorite people to make fun of. He's still one of my very good friends and one of the people I can rely on. Say what you will about how silly he may be, but this dude is a cool guy.

Austin: He may be away for quite some time now from us, but this guy's still one of my very good friends even if the chances of him and me ever talking again are beginning to grow slim as each day gets old.

MW: <Too busy mocking him over Ram lol>

Francis: One of my very good friends in the wiki. I tend to observe his many artworks and how he's improved over the years.

Adi: <John please add verification>

Trializ: Formerly. Needless to say he isn't that all too fond of any of us anymore... but I still wish things turned out differently when he changed.

Scott: As much as often does he procastrinate, he has issues to deal with in his own life that I can understand. He's still one of my good friends in the wiki despite the "more less than often" times we ever hang out and talk over things we actually have in common.

Try: I can, without a doubt, say that this guy, from the moment he joined the wiki, become of my very close friends and one the reliable people here who I can count any time. He's earned more than just respect from me and everyone else here. He hasn't been active as well and I really miss hanging out with him. Why wouldn't I? The dude has been like a wingman to me since we gotten to know each other. I would be a complete jerk to say that I don't miss him and just talking with him over things.

Ricky/Lightwater: Bob's brother. I haven't gotten to know the guy much... but he's becoming one of my good friends over the span of a few days I've known him since he joined.

Smiley: Guy hasn't been active for as long as I can remember. If he did quit the wiki a long time ago without any of us knowing... then I really wish I could talk to him more again.

JamesLOB: Lots. Of! BREAD!! (Trope: Punctuated. For. Emphasis!). He's one of my very close friends here in the wiki and arguably one of the people I'd tend to go off around with along Shaden and Kenji during the old days. I miss this dude a lot since he was among my very close friends in the old days to now before he went inactive. He hasn't returned, but I like to think on the positive that he's just on a long hiatus.

RMD/Shaden: "Randomness imminent!". Yeah, there's never a boring time with him and his bananas (don't take this out of context now) around to spur up the derp level Up To Eleven! One of my very close friends and I would be lying if I said that I don't miss him. He's away at school, but he's dropped by from time to time now. Currently he's come back and, as of recent, he's visibly more interested in my series now than before and I appreciate his time listening to me just babble away over it.

Skp: Le Kitteh Ze Trullz. Knows how to troll me well (or does he?). One of my very good friends around here and one of the people I can rely on when I need it. Same as Shaden, but as busy as his best friend is (yes, they know each other in real life). Like with Try and even MW, I rely on Skp as one of the very few people who I can safely count on in handling things for me when I can't (for some unknown frikin' reason) go active on the wiki. He's helped me with some of my issues before and I'm always open to return the favor to him even if it's inconvenient for me (at the cost of being also teased, but meh).

Mart: <Sigmoure please add wi-fi password>

Drewstick: I'm near to being certainly unsure if he even remembers any of his friends here at the wiki anymore to the point that I sometimes think that he's chosen to forgo on his own while leaving us without at least one clue of what he's doing. If it's true, I can't say if I'll miss him. If not, then this guy, whose been one of my good friends, I will surely want to hang out with more again.

Ultralord: Founder of the main series wiki. One of my good friends. A fellow Shinito/Kirinon shipper (cuz Kirito x Sinon is best SAO ship). He hasn't been as active as he used to, but I'm certain he's dropped by every now and then... we just don't know it (oooohh, spook scary ghost!). Pretty much miss this guy, even though we didn't really much hung out like the others, but still. He's my friend.

Jed: We haven't for quite a while now. He's still of one my friends, however, but I just wish we could talk more than just the awkward silence every now and then.

Noriel/BX: He started out as a good friend of mine... until I found a bit too weird to hang out. I eventually got over this and made up with him. I'm still uncertain if he's still just a good friend of mine or one of my close friends. I have yet to actually increase this since Noriel's been inactive as of recent and I'm hoping that what I said before about him didn't make him decide to alienate himself from us.

RHGMai: Pretty much our group's fourth female member and officially our second female member to boot. Mai's a pretty cool girl (and there's one part about her that I found... interesting? (don't take it as something weird or out of context, please)) and she's quite the aspiring digital artist; something we have in common (despite the fact that people often say how my style is pretty professional and I hardly ever give myself credit for). So far between me and her, we're becoming good friends as of recent!

ShadowLala: While she has much indeed to learn, Lala's a nice girl (needless to say she's the fifth and officially third female member) and she's really friendly too. I really want to help her with her wiki days though, much like how I usually do with newcomers to the group.

Happy Nepgear Day!

Art Section

A bunch of drawings that my friends in the wiki drew of me.

Ship Names

Just a list of the many ships I am in or used to be in, including ones that I named from my own series.

  • AdvancedShipping (For life!! / Ash x May)
  • PearlShipping (No need to worry! / Ash x Dawn)
  • AmourShipping (Never give up until it's over! / Ash x Serena)
  • AureliaShipping (The sun and moon! / Ash x Lillie)
  • Kirinon (Kirito x Sinon)
  • HonoUmi (Honoka x Umi - Formerly)
  • BlueRibbonShipping (A bond that is tied / Vincent x Mio)
  • DizzyShipping (Always do your best! / Vincent x Yui)
  • AngelRoseShipping (To start anew... / Vincent x Mayuri)
  • MirrorShipping (Same minds are best / Vincent x Rika)
  • FireHeartShipping (Undying flames of romance / Vincent x Pyra)
  • ScarfShipping (Gentle meets Willpower / Vincent x Amy)
  • KioNoa (Cherished childhood / Akiro x Honoka)
  • AkiUmi (Withdrawn principles / Akiro x Umi)
  • AkiMaki (Stubborn meets stubborn / Akiro x Maki)
  • AkiRa (To guide your smile / Akiro x Kira)
  • JunKana (Precocious crush / Jun x Kanan)
  • JunHana (Self-deprecated feelings / Jun x Hanamaru)
  • RenewShipping (New world, new feelings / Rebirth!Vincent x Rebirth!Paige)
  • TwistShipping (Bullying the one you love / Rebirth!Vincent x Rebirth!Jessie)
  • NewFlameShipping (A newly ignited spark / Rebirth!Vincent x Rebirth!Pyra)

- Vince, MioMayuri, Yui and Nepgear!f