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The Twicks
General information





Set of idiots (by the citizens of Pofield City), The Opposites (by Dark Side members

Powers & Abilities

Superhuman Speed, Healing and Camouflage (both)




Each Other (Fraternal brothers)



Other Information

Stealing (formerly), Seafood, Pizza, Pranks


Being pressured, bans, when the other is hurt



Comic issue(s)

The Pofield City

First Appearance

The Pofield City

The Twicks (aka Twins) are the twins have super fast and camouflage abilities.

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Character StoryEdit

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Stall is an orange stickman with brownish outline and wears a yellow jacket and brown pants and shoes while Smith is blue stickman was wearing light blue jacket, light lavender pants and dark blue shoes. The twins, obviously, have different eye colors; Stall has orange with yellow irises while Smith has blue eyes and light silver irises. Smith had a scar when he had an accident after raiding a small market.

Abilities and WeaknessEdit

  • Superman Speed and Camouflage (both)
    • They can ran through walls using either of the abilities or even both
    • They use camouflage to surprise their victim(s)
    • Their camoulage abilities can be seen through special visions from their enemies
  • Healing (both)
    • They can heal each other despite of their difference of controlling opposite elements.
  • Stall's Abilities
    • Super strength
    • Can communicate on the animals
    • Cannot be affected by the fire and can control heat
    • Weakness: water
  • Smith's abilities
    • Flight
    • Can breath underwater and dive for a thousand of kilometers
    • Can control water
    • Weakness: fire



  • They will heal either themselves or their teammates

Helping Hands

  • If summoned, they will beat up the target by helping each other

Twin Spin

  • Ultra Attack
  • The Twicks will used their own designated powers to defeat enemies in sight.

The Fan of Wiki's TriviaEdit

  • They are actually fraternal twins
  • Their age is 16 years old
  • Despite of their great combination of their specific powers, they are each other's weaknesses.

Guest/User's TriviaEdit

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  • Despite being 16, they appear to be shorter and more children-like in Stick Fighters Universe. Perhaps they are younger? (TRS)
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