DO - Sticksroyer - Final - Without Gradient
General information





Superhero, Leader of ?


Night Cutter, Silent One, Saber Guy, R-R, Roy

Powers & Abilities

Expert Swordsmanship, Martial Artist


Meteorite Sword, Saber Sword (Main Weapons)
Hidden Blade, Sai


Erik ? (deceased) (Grandfather)
Emmilie ? (younger half-sister)


Golden-Blue Stick, Sticktan, SkyHigh, Falcon (Fanny), Styron
Love Interests:StEarth, Element Holder

Alter-ego information

Joaquin Titansnow


True Neutral

Other Information

Punching and Cutting Dummies, Talking to one of his love interests (esp to StEarth), Light Saber, Star Wars


Someone hurting his friends/love interests, Ninjack



Comic issue(s)

The Ground Shaking Samurai

First Appearance

The Ground Shaking Samurai

Sticksroyer (also known as "Destroyer" or "Sroyer") is a resident in Slusher & Wing who is a hot tempered stick man.

Character SummaryEdit

As a skilled samurai, Sroyer can take down enemies by wielding his katana given by his deceased master. His arch-nemesis threatened him once again and challenged him on a duel. He discover something from himself he wasn't expecting...

Character StoryEdit

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Sroyer has purple eyes, lines painted above and below of his eyes, and has no mouth (but, in mysterious ways, he can talk). The outline on his body was navy, and generally have a yellow inner-line. He is now bear-footed. He always brings a katana with him and expertly wields it everytime he's in trouble.

After 3 years, he turned his broken katana into a light saber and can also turn into a rare metallic substance that can cut into anything. He also have a double-edged knives connected to each other. These knives can also turn into Hidden Blades. Sroyer has two additional lines on his forehead and has a black fabric tied on his right arm with a letter 'S'.


  • Has a super strength that creates 7.0 magnitude earthquake
  • Slow but can hit a cobalt in one shot (critical hit).



  • Can send enemies stumbling down for a few seconds

Katana Sword

  • Attacks consecutively on the targeted enemy

Ultimate Throw

  • Bonus Attack
  • This attack happens once in a level
  • When Big Blue's slowing down, Sticksroyer automatically uses his this attack to pick and throw him high up on the air again.

The Fan of Wiki's TriviaEdit

  • I decided to make a non-ultra attack fighter because he is too dangerous...
  • He has at least five bonus upgrades.
  • He is actually a ninja AND an assasin! 

Guest/User's TriviaEdit

(Put your own trivia here! :D Anyone can now edit this section. Just put your name after each trivia! ~Fan)

  • In "Slush Invaders: The Series", Sticksroyer does not appear as a member of the Slush Fighters.
    • Although it is hinted in the upcoming Season 5 premiere that he will appear as part of another rival faction dubbed the "Duelling Destroyers" with him being the leader. - Vincetick! :D
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