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General information

Human (Stickman)




Lt. Sergeant, Leader of ?


Lieutenant Sergeant, The Marked Fighter

Powers & Abilities



Guns and a shapeshifting sword


Pricestick, Golden-Blue Stick

Other Information

Shooting, Disarming bombs, French Fries, Guns


Guns jammed, Out of Ammo, Giving up



Comic issue(s)

The Outcast Trio

First Appearance

The Outcast Trio

SmaTavish (also known as MacTavish or Tavish) is a soldier from the famous game called Call of Duty. Inspired by "Soap" in Call of Duty.

Character SummaryEdit


Character StoryEdit

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SmaTavish has a black hair in a military cut and sprouting beard. His body color is green surrounded with dark green outlines, brown pants, grey shoes, and his current weapon is purple sword with an intact shotgun.


  • Can pick up his gun within milliseconds on the waist line and kill his enemies with just one shot.


Fast Reload

  • MacTavish can reload faster than normal rate.

Two Guns

  • Unlock his input type
  • He pulls another gun from his inventory and can kill 2 Blues or a Cobalt.

Fire in the Hole!

  • Ultra Attack (or so called Bonus attack)
  • He throws 3 grenades on the air and hits some Drabs flying by and/or ground units staying on their way.

The Fan of Wiki's TriviaEdit

  • He is trapped forever on his stick form and on Slusher.
  • His previous gun is similar to Westick's.

Vincetick's TriviaEdit

  • His name is similar to that of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare main character and protagonist, former Sergeant, deceased Cpt. John "Soap" MacTavish.
    • Actually, his personality, stature and looks are all similar to Cpt. John "Soap" MacTavish.
  • Although SmaTavish's favorite color seems to be green, Soap's actual favorite color is Navy Blue, due to his former position as a Sergeant at the Special Air Service or SAS.
  • In Vince's version of the Slush Invaders series, SmaTavish appears in the Season 2 episode "Point of Wes" as a SAS operative after graduating from Slusher 2 years before the series premiere.
  • Unlike Soap, who is now dead, SmaTavish is still active.
  • It his current concept art, it looks like SmaTavish is wielding a Shotgun, this maybe his weapon of choice above all other Gun Types.
    • Although Soap, from the Call of Duty, prefers Automatic Rifles, Pistols and Combat Knives due to his experience in the service after being assigned from the S.A.S to Task Force 141.
  • Unlike Soap who always has either Price, Nikolai, Yuri and/or Roach by his side, it seems that SmaTavish is more reliant on being a lone wolf.
  • Soap has sustained more wounds than SmaTavish.

(From Fan: Thank you for putting this Vince! :D You can put as many trivia as you want as long it was your trivia section.

Vincetick Said: No Problem, if there's any character that references a character that I know fully, it's my duty to help around.)

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