Slush Invaders 3: The Green Groovers (Part 2) is a fanmade installment of the original series and the 2nd and final part of the Green Groovers Enemy Arc.

Part 2 continues the story of Part 1, after the Green Groovers managed to capture and turn the fighters into the Bluish Fighters with the left over Blue Paint from the original bad guys, its up to the Slush Fighters X. and Stanthony to rescue them from their evil selves.


...After the Slush Fighters' capture and tranformation to the their evil counterparts, The Bluigh Fighters, no thanks to their new mencaing threat The Green Groovers, the Slush Fighters X and Stanthony come to rescue them, after unsuccessfully reclaiming the other turned Bluish Fighters, they manage to regain Standrew and Stucker. Now the duo must venture out in the city to find their and rescue their friends and stop the Green Groovers.  

Interlude - Bluish Encounter (Standrew and Stucker)Edit

After the first part of the 3rd series, The Slush Fighters X are shocked to find out that Standrew and the rest of the Slush Fighters have now been turned into Bluish Fighters, before the fighters could attack, Stanthony contacts Stashley and helps them on how to defeat the Bluish Fighters. After several ground breaking minutes, The Bluish Fighters have stopped but only to escape, leaving a now merely-blue Stucker and Standrew who are unconscious after the heated battle. 7 hours later at Slusher, The two have now regain there energy back with the Slush Fighters X waiting for them to heal, after finding out that the rest of the Slush Fighters are now turned Bluish Fighters, the two decide to find and rescue them.

Part 1 - Big Bang! (Westick and Staddison)Edit

After reports of Gun Shops and Ammunition Stores have been destroyed since last night, Standrew decides to investigate who is behind the destrcuction. At the Guns R' Us Store, which is now been destroyed, the duo heads in only to find some Groovers, after defeating them they head down the basement to find more of them, after another fight they find a ladder leading to the 2nd Floor. Once they got up, a whole troop of Green Minions surrounds them in some fallen walls and floors, following the ravaged hallway, they find themselves in a big room, only to be trapped and battled with Grappler. After Grappler retreats in Defeat, Stucker finds a window and the two jumps out of the collapsing building, finding themselves in an Abandoned Train Station, where Westick and Staddison are planning to attack them. Finally, after they are Stunned, Standrew fiercely punches the Blue Paint out of them, turning them back to normal, Westick and Staddison have now been rescued, making Stucker say "2 down!" in which Standrew replies "And 25 to go."

Part 2 - The Blue Rocket (Stick Waqas and BriStick)Edit

After 4 Days Standrew, Westick, Stanthony, Staddison and Stucker are helping the Town and Slush Fighters X prepare for the 17th Annual Rocket Mayhem Festival, In which is held at the Town Central Park. After setting most of the needed decorations Mayor Stickson Informs the Fighters that all they need now is some Rockets, Fireworks and some Music to make the Festival more "Fantas-Stick!" like ever before, he says that he needs Waqas to fix the Music Boxes, Fireworks Displays and most of all, His Specialty, Rockets!

As Standrew is about to tell the Mayor, the Slush Fighters X decides that they fix the Fireworks and Music Boxes, which than Sticy, Stamy and Stick June tells the 5 Slush Fighters that they bring the Rockets Waqas Built 2 weeks ago. Before the Fighters leave to get the Rockets, a big Crash is heard near the 2nd Sticky Lane. Once they arrive a Rocket is seen in the Crashsite, before the Fighters could have a look on who built it, they are interrupted by Officer Davidstick, Sthomas' Uncle, who has taken charge over Investigation. Having been force to leave the Unknown Rocket, they head to Slusher to retrieve the Rockets, as they look for them the 5 fighters go into a Conversation. After a long Laugh and Talking about there past with they find the Rockets in Waqas' Bed, Unknowingly, The Rockets are Specially designed not only for the Rocket Mayhem Festival, but for attaking enemies as well, Once they take the Rockets a Room appears that leads the Fighters to a room with a whole load of "Specialty Rockets", once they take it back to Slusher and Hide for a future battle, Staddison takes one and hiding it in the "Rocket Bag"!

Meanwhile, at the Town Central Park. Stashley and the others have finished, with Standrew and the others arriving in time to Start the Festival. After minutes of Watching the Annual Rocket Mayhem Festival, An unknown Dark Blue Stickman on a Blue Rocket Appears, Crashing his Rocket where the Fighters are, The Stranger flees. As the Fighters are about to chase him down, A Citizen scream "ROCKETS!!!" and the whole People in the Park look up into the Sky as Millions of Missiles and Rockets targets the whole Central Park. Standrew tells Stanthony and the Slush Fighters X to get everyone to safety, fast! When half of the people in the Park go to safety the Bombardmant Starts hitting the Park with Millions of Dangerous Rockets and Missiles, as the Smoke clears and everyone is safe. Standrew, Westick, Stucker and Staddison are Surrounded with Green Minions and Flyers, who are joined by Limes and more Rockets headed to the park to takedown the fighters. Moments later, after the Intense plot to defeat them, The Slush Fighters Survive! But are weakened after the fight. Later one more Rocket heads to the Park, as the Fighters wait for it to hit, It turns to be a mini-Rocket with a note saying "Head to Border Cliff if you want to rescue your friends!" the note also says "-Greg", The Fighters decide to head for Border Cliff, but are Stopped by the Fighters X who are telling them to stay and heal, but are told by Stanthony to let them go! Stashley and Stamanda say that they need to rest and its only a trap to destroy them, but Stucker says they can handle it! After arguing over them, the girls decide to let them head for Border Cliff. Upon reaching the Gate, another note attached to it says "Be Ready for your final destination, fighters!", When the fighters open the gate, Giant Boulders try hit the 4 fighters, but instead drops in front of them and drops on the gate trapping them as well, out of the ruslting Bush Stick Waqas and BriStick appear, along with Greg who says that they are not as what they seem, when Greg unlocks both Waqas' Handcuffs and Brian's Cage, Greg flees in an evil laugh.

Once Standrew tries to get close to aid Waqas and Brian, Brian leaves his cage, but as a now turned Bluish Fighter, Waqas steps out of the shadowy tree he is standing to also reveal that he is now a Bluish Fighter too

BriStick Charges towards Standrew, Standrew dodges, but to find out that BriStick is charging towards a tree and throws it near Waqas, Waqas takes out his Wrench, Pencil, Hammer, Mallet, Nails, Screws, Screwdrivers and Schematics to begin building some Rockets to defeat the fighters. BriStick targets both Westick and Standrew, While Waqas targets both Stucker and Staddison. After many exploding minutes, Standrew, Stucker, Staddison, Westick, Waqas and Brian are all weakened and exhausted, but Waqas builds one last Rocket twice as large and more Dangerous, with BriStick on top along with Waqas riding it they launch themselves towards the whole Town, as they leave the fighters manage to reach and grab it. Once on top the fighters and the Bluish Fighter Waqas and Brian makes one last stand, Once they are stunned Staddison manages to use the "Special Rocket' and uses it as a Speed up to let the Rocket pass the town and hit on the vicinity of the Canyon Gorge. The fighters safely land with the stunned BriSitck and Stick Waqas, with 2 punches the paint comes off and the two are now rescued. Westick and Stucker falls asleep on the park in Exhaustion while Staddison says "I guess this day was a-" which Staddison falls asleep as well, Standrew continues his sentence saying "A Blasttt...!" Standrew soon falls asleep making Stick Waqas, BriStick, Slush Fighters X, The Mayor and the people in the park laugh in excitement, the Mayor making a remark saying "Today's Festival sure was a Mayhem full of Fun!", Stonica replies "This party sure went out with a, BANG!", Stanthony says "4 down, and 23 to go".

Part 3 - The Invaders! (Ben Stickobi and Stick Jorge)Edit

As the fresh morning sunshine hits the Slusher area to awake the sleeping and drowzy Slush Fighters, An Alarm suddenly goes off awaking all the fighters. As the team looks in on Waqas' Monitor, 3 gym's and 1 laser emporium in the town has been colored red, meaning another Bluish Fighter attack has just occured, the fighters split up into 2 teams to investigate the scene.

StandrewWestick and BriStick arrives at the 1st Gym that was attacked, Meanwhile Stick WaqasStaddison and Stucker arrive at the Laser Museum that is now filled with Green Minions, Limes and E.Greens.

At the Gym the owner says that he was attacked by a Blue stick wearing a Cape that seemed to have been enraged at something. Standrew comes to a Clue if it was either Sthomas or Stick Jorge that attacked the Gym, they now head to the 2nd Gym that was attacked, At the Museum, Stick Waqas, Stucker and Staddison device a plan on how to infiltrate the building without alerting any Greens. As they approach to a car, Waqas tells them that they should head to another car as the Greens patrol the parking area, At the Stronghold Gym, the Co-Manager tells Standrew that it posed as it was about to leave Standrew now believes its Sthomas reeking havoc in the Gym's around the town, they head off to the 3rd Gym, as they approach the people inside are trapped by the rubble, they try to lift the heavy rock but it doesn't move as Westick advises that they try lifting it with a Bulldozer, BriStick uses his head, literally, ramming and destroying the gigantic rock into tiny pebbles... As Westick is Dumbstruck with BriStick's action the people are safe and Standrew asks what the stranger looked like, one civilian says that it was getting stronger with every punch it landed at the guards, another civilian says that it had Orangee-Blue eyes and the owner says that one part of the cape was Orange. Standrew is confused that Sthomas does not have Orangee eyes and an Orange cape, which now leads Standrew with a new culprit, the owner also says that the last remaining Gym standing is at the Laser Museum, they storm off in a hurry as Stick Waqas, Stucker and Staddison are at the exact location, Back at the Musuem Waqas and the others succesfully reach the musuem in the inside.

But at there stare a platoon of Green's sees them at the lobby, as the Greens attack Staddison blasts them off, Stucker heavily stabs and slices some while Waqas builds some Mini-Rockets to his safety. As there attackers are defeated they head to the Dome, an enormous Gym within the Museum, as they reach it a crack appears and the trio fall to the museum's basement, they manage to get back on there feet but to there surprise Ben and Jorge stand only a few meters away from them, waiting for the fighters.

As the trio get up Jorge advances and rushes to Stucker and Stick Waqas, hitting them with a few punches, knocking them to a wall, Ben charges towards Staddison and throws his lightsaber at the fighter and pummels him to the ground, as the duo is about to finish him off, BriStick arrives and Pummels Jorge and Punches Ben to a wall, just in time to save Staddison. Standrew and Westick also joins in to help them. As they are almost been defeated, Stick Jorge powers up and Ben transforms into a Lightsaber-like-Stick. After a fight with a most devastating and powerful evil teammates, they are Stunned and Standrew is ready but weakened in the Battle, BriStick tries to knock the paint out, unlucky, he tries again this time only a smudge comes off. The Stunned Ben and Jorge regains there energy and take on the weakened fighters, but are dealt and stopped by BriStick, after many bone crushing minutes they are once again stunned and BriStick is all thats left to rescue both Jorge and Ben and Standrew and the others, He tries to punch it out this time all the paint moves out, BriStick now gets more stronger and tries it on Ben, just like Jorge the paint comes off as well...

Hours later, back at Slusher, Everyone awakes to find themselves in the Medic Room, as they rise from there beds they find the Female Fighters nursing an injured, weakened and exhausted BriStick whom was the one that rescued them all, BriStick wakes up and Standrew and the others thanks him for saving them and Jorge and Ben. Ben asks BriStick if he wants something he could just ask him and Jorge, BriStick replies saying that he wants to see the sun rise

At the Slusher X Rooftop, with a clear view of the whole town and a beautiful scenery of the forest, The Slush Fighters and Slush Fighters X watches as the Sun Rises from the horizon and shines gracefully among them and the people of Slushville, BriStick says "6 Down, and 23 to go!", Standrew feels a slight nervous vibe in him, in which Stashley is next to him, meaning its his chance to ask her, as Standrew does he stares at her vividly, Standrew cancels his action and just watches the Sunrise.

The Denizens stares gracefully at the Sun, while Standrew stares at it with a Glary look which he thinks that the Green Groovers are getting more dangerous and more smarter with every attempt, it ends with all of them staring at the sun with the coll breezing wind joining the amazing moment.

Part 4 - Blackout (Stick Matt, Stickyle, Sthang and Stick Dan)Edit

A fine Sunday in Slusher with everyone celebrating Stashley's birthday, Unfortunately something unimaginbale happens in Slusher. Everyone in the Hallway inside Slusher is shocked and confused as the power goes out and a blackout occurs not only to Slusher but the Whole City. A ghost-like whail covers the whole streets and echos in the halls. The Fighters decide to Pair-up and investigate.

BriStick and Westick takes the Basement of the Building

Staddsion and Standrew takes the Generator and Storage Room

Ben Stickobi and Stucker takes Slusher X

while Stick Waqas and Stick Jorge investigate Slusher.

Standrew and Staddison:

Standrew and Staddison investigate the Generator Room only to find a lone Green Minion, deciding to take him down the minion calls out the others, smashing through the wall they charge on the duo. battling one by one the minions are defeated, they take a guess that the Groovers are behind the blackout. They head to the Generator only to find it missing, Staddison sees a pile of oil and the duo follow it until they find a Door. Opening it, they find the generator as they are about to 'take it and go' they are attacked by Bluish Matt. A fierce battle that ends with Standrew punching a small bit of the Paint off him, Dazed and Dizzy he manages to escape the two, they give pursuit and keep the chase on. But theres still more...

BriStick and Westick:

...In the Basement Westick takes caution while BriStick leads. They are attacked by a group of Green Minions and E.G's, as they ready themselves for a fight the Greens and Minios are then defeated by and unknown Fire blast. the two rush to take cover and chase after whatever made the blast. They reach the the Canteen's Basement and find an Angered Blhang and are attacked without a second. Attacking Blhang as they can but cannot defeat him, They decide to try and take Blhang when he turns to ashes and contain him in a Glass Jar but must weaken him first in order to do so, Finally weakening him enough they cointain him, but Blhang manages to break free of the Glass Jar and escape to the Canteen...

Stick Waqas and Stick Jorge:

...Meanwhile, Stick Waqas and Stick Jorge investigate and finds the key to the Canteen but are attacked by some Flyers and Minions, with the key missing they set to find it but are stopped by a strange green-glowing light in the canteen, Waqas thinks it is Aliens to which Stick Jorge teases him about the 'Aliens' having a 'green-light' party in the canteen, Waqas laughs then realizes he has just been teased, Stick Jorge laughs and soon the decide to find the key. After finding it in a Pine Tree they open the door, strangely the thing that made the light vanishes. But is attacked by Blickyle, Intense heat and sweat in the canteen erupts and the heated up Bluish Kyle is defeated before he can be knocked out, Blhang bursts from the canteen's basement with BriStick and Westick chasing after him, Waqas and Jorge are knocked down by Blickyle. Blhang takes Blickyle and escape, the group chases after them...

Ben Stickobi and Stucker:

...Debris are falling to the ground, load gunshots, crashing sounds. Ben Stickobi and Stucker find Blue Dan and are fighting, who seems to have caught them off guard when they investigated the 2nd Slusher X Floor. Dan hides in the rooms and sneak attacks the duo, but evade the attack with no sweat, Stucker notices the building ready to collapse and decide they take down Dan before it collapses, Crash, BAM, PAK!, PEW!.

Dan yields, Ben and Stucker approach until they both get shot and punched. Dan leaves the building with the two chasing him.

It's Showtime!:

Blue Matt and Blue Dan unite in the Garden with Standrew and Staddison re-uniting with Ben and Stucker.

Then Blhang and Blickyle unite with Blue Matt and Blue Dan with Stick Waqas, Stick Jorge, BriStick and Westick in pursuit.

The 8 fighters find all 4 responsible for the 'Blackout on the whole Block!' and now take them for a battle. Blhang is easily defeated and strongly punched by Standrew, knocking the paint right off him! Blickyle tries to defend himself but gets 'hooked!' by BriStick in the face with the paint going off him. Staddison and Westick manages to Stun Dan and is then given a hand by Stucker with Standrew finishing it with a fierce punch! Blue Matt tries to escape but is delayed by Stanthony who knee caps him in the face, just in time for Standrew to end it, All 4 Fighters have returned to normal with the electricity going back to the whole city! Re-united they head inside and celebrate the reunion and the birthday. Westick asks how Matt got the Generator back to the Storage Room so fast and asks Matt himself, saying that he didn't do it making all of them confused! As they walk in the hallway a strange black fog followed by a ghostly cackle strikes the halls, Sthang notices the strange smoke, along with Waqas, Stucker and Dan. They ask "What is that?" the episode ends with the smokey figure vanishing with spine chilling and creepy ghost laugh, the 4 fighters are scared, shocked and surprised and say that it was probably Ben, then the lights in the hall suddenly turn off and they run for their lives upstairs, screaming with the lights coming back on again with the same ghost laugh!

Part 5 - Royal Crumble! (Stick James)Edit

Please take note that this Mission has a dual story differences, please read only the story version of what you played with or will play with, Remember the 1 Player Story is for players who played the mission alone and the 2 Players Story is for players who played the mission with a friend. Though there is a 3 Player Story in this mission but it is mixed with the 2 Player Story because Stammanda is the Player 1 default Character, BriStick is Player 2 and Westick is Player 3. Enjoy the story!

Everyone is going on a vacation except Stammanda, the Admin of the Slush Fighters X, along with BriStick (and Westick if a 2nd Player is in the game), the two (three) relax with the peace and quiet around Slusher, until Blue James and the Green Groovers arrived and capture the two (three) Bringing them to an arena where they must fight Blue James to earn their freedom!

Arena 1: Earthquake Arena!

(1 Player Story)Edit

Stammanda and BriStick are captured and brought into the Green Meany Arena where they have fight, win and survive throught all 4 arena room against Blue James.

The first arena is filled with rocks, boulders, dirt, sand and debris. Greg comes out from the top of the arena and announces that he will be the commentator of 'this awesome battle' and also announces the duo that if they want to leave, they have win and survive. They release James and equip him with Earthquake Power Gloves. Deciding to take him down and return him to normal, the two charge on James, until he punches the ground causing an Earthquake making the duo fly straight to the walls. James charges towards Stammanda, but evades just in time, BriStick and Stammanda uses their teamwork to take him down, in ono minute James is down but escapes to the next arena. The two (trio) follow him...

(2 Players Story)Edit

Stammanda, Westick and BriStick are captured and brought into the Green Meany Arena where they have to fight, win and survive throughout all 4 arena rooms against Blue James.

The first arena is filled with rocks, boulders, sand, stelagmites and other rocky debris. Greg comes out from the top of the arena and announces his crowd (the Groovers) that he will be the commentator of 'this beautiful battle' and also announces that if the fighters want to leave they have to fight, win and survive or else they'll be forced to stay and join the Groovers. He releases James and orders 3 minions to equip him with the Earthquake Power Gloves. The trio soon decides to take down James and once he is Dazed enough BriStick should take him down and turn him back to normal. They charge on James, James uses the Power Glove and emits an earthquake sending the trio flying and crashing in the walls, though the battle was 'rocking' them they manage to beat James, but he retreats to the 2nd Arena, they chase after him.

Arena 2: Flaming Arena!

(1 Player Story)Edit

As they reach the next arena James is now equipped with Flaming Power Gloves and intense heat builds up in the Flaming Arena. As time goes the temperature in the Fire Arena passes 65*C and the duo are almost passed out, with one accidental punch by BriStick, James retreats to the next arena, in 'hot' pursuit they chase him...

(2 Players Story)Edit

As they reach the next arena James is now equipped with the Flaming Power Gloves and intense heat surrounds the Flaming Arena. As time goes and their attempts to beat him the Flaming Arenas temperature reaches a total temperature of 65*C and the trio are almost exhausted, with one accidental shot by Westick, James retreats to the next arena and they chase him, in 'hot' pursuit they reach the next arena...

Arena 3: Lightning Arena!

(1 Player Story)Edit

Reaching the third arena, James is now equipped with Thunder Power Gloves, Storm, Rain, Thunder and Lightning all enter the arena, with a misty fog covering the place, James is hard to find. Hitting them with one punch after another, shock after shock, the duo are almost to their knees, Stammanda rises and charges towards James hitting him in the face, so hard a part of his face shows his original color. As James is about to take them down, the old him fights himself and retreats to the last Arena, BriStick is badly injured and Stammanda is exhausted but still they run after him...

(2 Players Story)Edit

Finally making out of the intense heat brought to them by the previous arena, the trio are 'shocked' to see the 3rd arenas surroundings which is chock full of Thunder and Lightning, Blue James is now equipped with the Lightning Power Gloves and a 'thunderous' battle 'strikes' the arena. Though it was hard they still manage to get Jame to retreat to the 4th and last arena and heads to the...

Final Arena: Crumble Arena!

(1 Player Story)Edit

Finally at the end of their last fight, they face James in the last arena, with no more power gloves equipped James maybe easy to defeat but is reinforced by the Green Minions. Exhausted, Injured, Dazed and Weakened the duo still fight on until BriStick manages to land the final punch on James. Taking the paint right off him, Stick James is now back to normal but Stammanda and BriStick and Injured and Knocked out! The Whole Arena starts to crumble due to James Mega Punch, The Minions Escape and also delay Stick James, carrying both his fallen teammates Stick James fights them off and manages to escape with a K.O'd Stammanda and BriStick. Waking up in the Slusher Medical Room Stammanda and BriStick are now healthy united with James and the others they go on another vacation but with Stammanda and BriStick, with Stick James also, The trio head to the beach and rest in relaxation while the others stay and clean up Slusher!

(2 Players Story)Edit

....Final Arena in which is now the Crumble Arena, they are stunned to see that James is now equipped with the nothing more than the Crumble Power Wrist, though after a gruesome battle Stammanda finally gets the paint off James and he is now back to normal, though due to the battle, the whole Groover Arena is 'crumbling' and the fighters are in a 'rocky' situation and must desperately make a 'lightning' fast getawat before they get too 'hot' headed for themselves, BriStick carries Stick James and they run to the exit and safely escapes the arena as it collapses to the ground along with any other Groovers in it. They make it back to Slusher, though they are weakened, dazed and exhausted and also see that the place has been vandalized. Stick James picks up a note on the ground, the note says "If you managed to survive the Arena, heres a little something we 'wrote' for you or if this is Standrew, get ready for another Groover attack, Mwahahahaha....!!! Sincerely, Greg. P.S: We took your toilet papers, no reason just needed them!". The rest of the Slush Fighters return after their vacation and are shocked to see Slushers well being and Stammanda and the other 3. Explaining what happened Stashley and Standrew decide that the 4 of them take a break or help them clean up, but before he can hand out the brooms and buckets the 4 heads to bus and bids them a happy clean up duty on Slusher saying thanks, leaving Standrew and rest to clean up Slusher. Stick Jorge ends the episode by saying, "7 down, 22 to go!"

Part 6 - The Horrible Return: Part 1 (Stedro)Edit

Friday, at last the fighters can enjoy the day with movie night (once again, every friday!) as they prepare for the party. StIcy finds a Blue-like blob outside Slusher. As StIcy is about to see the Blob thing, she is shocked to see that it is Stedro, partially back to normal with some left over Blue Paint on him and some bruises and wounds, Not like the work of the Green Groovers, but something or someone else. The Fighters head to the Slush Bus, leaving Stick James, Stashley, Stickyle, Westick, Stonica, Stick Jenny, and the others to watch Slusher while there gone to take Stedro to the Hospital just outside town...

They drive through an unlucky traffic holding them off their time. BriStick complains about the traffic, Stedro, still unconsciuos makes a strange movement and says "Groovers back-off!'. Figuring what is going in to him the Slush Bus' radio goes on saying that a Giant Boombox with Green Stickmen are heading downtown. The same place as where the fighters are.

The Giant Boombox appears 20 yrds behind them running down other cars heading towards Standrew and the others, Luckily the traffic disperses and Stick Waqas starts the Bus. Trying hard to escape the Groover's every shot and attacks, almost reaching the city's outside limit Standrew tells the others to defend the bus as long as they can, enough time to reach the hospital...

The Fighters try to retaliate, but end up on a verge of losing, just as they are about to be blown by the 'giant radios', Waqas unleashes an Enormous Rocket at them blowing the Groovers and their Mechanical Music Mayhem to "smitherins"!

Reaching the outskirts of the city, filled with glee and remourse, the fighters relief is destroyed when a battalion of Green Groovers and a dozen more gigantic radios called the "Doom-Boxes" arrive behind the Slush Bus.

Stick Waqas gears the Bus on Full Auto Acceleration and ready themselves for a chase of Epic-Proportions, As soon as they got to the Hospital all is well... for now!

Part 7 - The Horrible Return: Part 2 (Stedro)Edit

Taking place after Part 1, The Slush Fighters must solve an incident from Stedro's return from the impending invasion of The Green Groovers.

After hours of preparation Waqas finishes a device to visit Stedro's Memories, a device called "Mind-a-matic 3000"

But before he can hook it up to Stedro's head a big bang destroys a wall on the room of Stedro's, looking outside the Fighters are greeted with an army of Groovers...

After many attempts, the invasion is dissolved and Waqas and the others visit Stedro in his memories.

Part 8 - Chasing Shadows (Young Stedro)Edit

Several years into the past Stick Waqas, Standrew and the rest of the fighters head into Stedro's mind and try to solve his return, they visit a memory of a Young Stedro which is 9 years old (10 years ago; 1991) and it is the end of the school year and as Young Stedro exits the school, he comes across his nemesises, The Bullies.

As Stedro says that he doesnt want a fight and it is the end of the school year, the Bullies pushes Stedro around, but Stedro ignores it. As he exits the School grounds and crosses the Playground, Thr Bullies, in annoyance and anger, throws a rock at Stedro's (bruised and band-aid) head, this infuriates Stedro making him fight the Bullies. As Stedro fends off the 4 Bullies alone, he is soon thrown to the ground and as he is about to meet his doom (becoming the Bullies' punching bag) his eyes turns Blue, he stands up and engages the Bullies, he uses a Blaster on one of them, Stunning and beating the 4th Bully, he uses a Deflector (Pixel) Shield and bounces on the other two (2) in which bounces them to the dump, he now sets his eyes on the leader, he approaches the Bully, in which is scared half to death. As Stedro raises his fist, the Bully Leader trips to the ground and Stedro now releases his fist at the scared Leader only to help him up, and Stedro Smiles, the leader confused yet thanks Stedro for sparing him and he runs away though Stedro picks up a rock and throws it at the Bully in which hits him in the head, receiving a big bump on the noggen.

Stedro, now Surprised and Shocked at his newly gained abilities he smiles at it and vows to use for good.... or for his own personal uses, and it ends with Young Stedro picking up his bag and looking at the Summer Sun!

Part 9 - Level Headed (Pre-Teen Stedro)Edit

A month later after gaining his newly found powers, Stedro must learn to control and maintain his uncontrollable yet powerful abilities.

Pre-Teen Stedro must first learn how to fight well, with the help of his 3 friends, Sthuck, Stamantha and Styler they make at least a few practice dummies to help Stedro.

After successfully learning to fight, Stedro now heads to control his powers, he must now learn to control his Deflector (Pixel) Shield Power, to which is a little-bouncy! Though after a few bumps, bounces and bruises (literally) he manages to control its bouncy side-effects, he now uses it against 4 moving dummies and successfully does it. Then he now concentrates in using his odd 'flaming' power, to which burned the surrounding dummies and his feet.

But he manages and controls it, Now he must learn to maintain his speed and accuracy, after a killer 'run' (get it?) he perfects his accuracy and speed along with a combo from his deflector (pixel) shield. Lastly he now faces the danger of his (cool) Blaster, suddenly the first three (3) shots emit a light green ray hitting three dummies (Burned Dummy, Bruised Dummy and Bouncy Dummy) and now must defeat them with only his Blaster. After a dumb fight with the Dummies Stedro now has mastered his powers and his Blaster and it ends with him and his friends celebrating!

Part 10 - Welcome to Slusher (Teenage Stedro)Edit

Several Years later, We now come to the events of Stedro joining the Slush Fighters, before he can join the team, he must first pass the entrance exams. The first exam is about showing your abilities and talents to the head masters. A few students passes the ability test but others aren't that lucky, Stedro is now next showing his unique abilities he passes the test after that he meets another student named Stickyle, the two chat and become fast friends. The next exam is a team-up against practice bots, Stedro thinks its easy as he has defeated practice dummies before, though he soons realizes they aren't the same as his previous dummies that he fought, with Stickyles help he passes the test and now heads to the last test.

He now must pass the Slusher Test, which is the final test to get accepted to the group. He pairs up with Stickyle and another student named Stucker, the head masters announces that in order to be accepted to Slusher they must find the admin, Stick James and ask him on what they should do. The trio find Stick James and ask what their task is, to which James says that all they need to do is to prove to the head masters they are worthy to be accepted in Slusher by facing off against the Head Masters themselves. This makes the trio surprised as they know that the head masters are very talented in fighting and are unbeatable when comes to combat, Stick James explains to them on what they should do and they head to the Training Grounds and face off against the Head Masters, they dont succeed during their first round they, however manage to win the second round, now the final round will determine whether Stedro, Stickyle and Stucker are true students clearly good enough to be denizens of Slusher. After the fierce battle, they win the last round and are accepted to Slusher. They meet their leader, Standrew who is the son and only son of the 1st Head Master. Standrew shows them the Wing and enters it, though the trio are excited they'll become roomies, Standrew breaks the good moment by saying that only 2 students are allowed in each room. Stedro, Stickyle and Stucker are disappointed as they wanted to be roommates, Standrew already made the roommatings after the battle and says that Stedro will stay in room 5 along with Stickyle and Stucker will stay in room 7 along with another student. They are sad but Standrew says that they can still be roomies when they want, by inviting the other to join, only in playing games in their rooms, not staying in their rooms. The episode ends with the 4 all happy and the trio are excited with their new surroudnings as they see other students enter Slusher.

Part 11 - Slush Invaders!Edit

One (1) Year later, Stedro and the other fighters have finished their first semester in Slusher and its Summer Vacation! Half of Slushers Denizens decided to go back home and spend the summer season with their friends and family, As things go smoothly inside Slusher everyone is doing what they usually do.

Standrew is hanging posters, notes and reminders on Slushers Reminder Charts and hangs some upcoming events, Stedro is playing his favorite game Super Smash Bros. Melee  along Stickyle who is playing Warcraft while Stucker is searching the web. Meanwhile Stickirby just bought lunch for himself, Stomar is practicing with his katana blades while Marcstick does some acrobatics, Waqas is building his speacial trio rockets, Dan and Wes are practicing in the Training Grounds with BriStick, Stick Matt and Stick Jorge. Stick James is eating his lunch while watching T.V. then falls asleep, Stickwart is at Slushers Rooftop enjoying the view of the whole city, Staddison is playing Call of Duty with Steric, while Stick Brian is out on his daily afternoon Walk. Sthomas is trying to perfect his hadouken move while doing a pose. Stickhanh and Stagar are at Drillfield playing Soccer, but Stagar takes 'a load off'. Sthang is taking a nap outside his and Sthomas' room, as usual. Stick Luke is sharpening his Tomahawks while trying to get his Spawnahawks landing time shorter. Stick Sean has decided to go outside and enjoy the summer breeze, Sticorey on the otherhand is in the rest rooms trying to get some relief and Ben is deciding what color Lightsaber should he use for his practice. Joshtick is inventing a new explosive, while Stick JK works on his Sniper, Stick Michael on the otherhand works on his computer.

The Summer Breeze gently blows around Slusher, that until a blue stickman orders his army of Blues to invade Slusher Tower and Wing. As Stick Jorge is about to enter Slusher he is ambushed by a group of Blues, tying his cape around him and Big Blue takes his keycard. Big Blue tries to enter the building, but he is denied entry due to his fingerprints, seeing that the door knows he isnt Jorge, he orders his towering giant, BigBoi to smash the door open to which the giant does, gaining the invaders passage to Slusher, vandalizing it in the inside, they soon takedown Stickirby by surprise and try to capture him, but Stickirby retaliates. Except it is unseccessful and he is beaten up by Blues, at the other corridor, Standrew is hanging another poster until he notices the Blues beating Stickirby senseless. He gets angry and finds the leader and tells him to stop the invasion and leave, angering Big Blue. Big Blue surprisingly beats Standrew with the help of a Blue they knock him out cold. As the invasion continues, Stedro is still playing his game not noticing the chaos happening outside, Stickirby defeats a Blue but gets thrown to a wall and ducks and dodges the Blue's punch, this attack crashes through the wall and smashes Stedro's game cube. Stedro's game goes out of control until the game crashes and shuts down, angering him at the same time and breaking his controller. Meanwhile Stickyle is still playing his game, also not noticing the mess outside until he leans backward because the game is 'taking 5', as he stretches his arms he is shocked to see Standrew unconscious, he sends a message to Stucker letting him know, shocking him too. The trio decides to investigate and defend their home.

Burning, Blasting, Slashing, Punching and K.O'ing all the Blues they see they soon get caught by the Blues gun wielding allies, the Drabs and they capture the trio, Standrew is held hostage, while Stickirby tries his best to fend off the Blue army on his own. A few minutes later, Stick James wakes up and finds the trio being taken captive outside and he sounds the alarm and this alerts the whole team to defend Slusher and Stick James, Marcstick and Stomar head to battle. As they are held captive outside, Stedro notices a movement in the bushes and spies Ben and Sticorey. A Drab investigates only to get ambushed by Corey, soon the three (3) are rescued and they run off to defend Slusher. Meanwhile inside BriStick, Stick Matt and Westick find Stickirby completely exhausted after fighting off most of the enemies in the ground floor by himself, they help him up and take him to his room to rest and the three split up to defend Slusher as well.

Stick Sean sees a Blue running towards him and tries to capture him, but he counters with a kick followed by a portal combo. After defeating the Blue 4 more Blues come at him, by using his portal powers he is able to beat all four finishing off the last Blue with a downward Spike, and runs to save Slusher too. Stick Brian gets alerted as he sees a group of Invaders coming to him, he beats all Blues and Drabs that came to him and now runs off to rescue Slusher, Stick Matt hears the noise and heads off along with Stick Michael. Stick Luke, who is still not done sharpening and training with his Toma's, gets disturbed which angers him and beats the 'blue' off all of them, he runs with his Tomahawks to Slusher. Stick Dan, Stickwart and BriStick finds Stick Waqas, who needs their help with a 'special favor', they accept the offer of being the Riders of his "Anti-Invasion Rockets".

Ben Stickobi says to the other four (4) that they should split up, cover more ground, kill any Blue and/or Drab around and find the others so they can help, Stedro, Stucker and Stickyle head inside Slusher while Ben Stickobie and Sticorey fight off another wave of Blues and Drabs, aided by Staddison, Stick JK, Joshtick and Stick Brian. The trio find Stick Jorge, tied in his own cape, they help and the four fighters head inside. They defeat all the Blues inside the building and spot Waqas outside building rockets with the riders composing of Stickwart, Stick Dan and BriStick ready to overtake the other invaders on the top floor, while Stick JK, Westick and Joshtick sneak over to rescue Standrew. Staddison and Steric clears a way for them to do so. Stedro and the rest find Sthang, Stick Luke and Stick Matt and tells them to help Ben and Sticorey outside, Standrew is then rescued and the whole team defeats every single Blue and Drab, while also giving the giant BigBoi a 'fatal boo boo'. After clearing Slusher they now set their eyes on the leader, they wait for him to come out. As Big Blue comes out he is now surprised as the whole Slush Fighters gang up on him, the episode ends with Big Blue in 'Big Trouble'!

Part 12 - Blue who it is! (Bluish Fighters)Edit

...After seeing the old invasion memory, we now head to Stedro's last memory of when he and the rest of the fighters are captured and turned into Bluish Fighters!

It starts off with Standrew demanding the Groover Army to let them go but are rudely declined by Greg, he soon tells the fighters to be ready to become a new part of the Groover Army, to which Standrew and the others say that they will never join Greg. Though he doesn't need the Slush Fighters, he needs the Bluish Fighters. Greg tells the fighters to look up and are surprised to see a tank full of Blue Paint. Standrew says that the Blue Paint were all destroyed back in the Moon. Greg reassures Standrew that all of the paint were not definitely destroyed as he says, he reveals that he helped the Blue Baddies invasion on Stick Pritchard two (2) years ago and their unsuccessful invasion of Slusher, they made a deal that Big Blue would get 8 of Greg's Limes in exchange of the powerful Blue Paint, they make a deal and exchange. The Slush Fighters are confused yet shocked. Greg now announces that he also knows about how the Slush Fighters destroyed the Blue Base, he then presses the buttong, pouring the Blue Paint on all the captive Slush Fighters, drowning yet turning them into Bluish Fighters. He then opens the containers and the now turned Bluish Fighters rise up and follow Greg's commands, Greg laughs evilly.

He tells the Bluish Fighters to train as their female companions are coming to 'save' them, A few hours later the Slush Fighters X arrive with Stanthony, they find the fighters outside at the (used to be) base of the Green Groovers, they approach the fighters, Blandrew stands and turns around and reveals that they are now the Bluish Fighters. The girls are forced to fight them, after much hesitation them manage to take them all down, as Stanthony and Stammanda readies themselves to 'punch' the blue paint off them, they all stand and escape but Blandrew and Blucker are caught and the paint is punched off them, rescuing both of them, though the other fighters have escaped to 'who knows where', Bledro is half back to normal as half of the paint was punched off him. 4 weeks past and Bledro is still a half blue slush fighters, then it rains and Bledro is at Central Park he then notices a stranger walking towards him followed by 2 others, and notices another one approaching behind him and another 2 approaching from the sides. It ends as 7 silhouettes surround Bledro..

Part 13 - Returning Horribly! (Bledro/Stedro)Edit

Continuing the previous episode, Bledro is surrounded by 7 unknown men, the 7 attacks Bledro yet defends himself, but as the attackers continue their assault on him the Blue Paint comes off, smudge by smudge. Bledro defends himself, unfortunately he ultimately defeated and the paint comes off him, dooming and rescuing Stedro at the same time.

Stedro quickly recovers, but he is still surrounded by the unknown strangers, he readies himself and fights them alone. He manages to weaken 4 of them but gets attacked and dazed by the other 3, he still manages to stand, but soon gets defeated and brutally beaten. The 7 strangers take the unconscious Stedro and plan to throw him in Drillfield Lake, they put him in a Sack and take him to Drillfield Lake.

As they almost reach Drillfield Lake, the stranger that is carrying him drops Stedro to the ground. The leader orders him to carry him back up again, they are now in the Slusher Area, Stedro slips out of the sack by mistake and they carry him anyway, though they soon spot a blinking light towards them, it is a Blue and Red light, they think that its the cops and they leave Stedro in front of Slusher, it turns out to be Stellis with his new car headlight, as he passes Slusher Stedro is left on the ground, until the next morning is found by Sticy and the others, it ends with them carrying Stedro to the bus and taking him to Slushville hospital and the Groovers following them.

Part 14 - Getting the Gang Back (Stickhanh, Stagar, Steric, Stomar and Stick Michael)Edit

As Stedro is back on his feet, the fighters get ready to get the whole team back. The next day, they all wake up, except Sthang who is usually over sleeping, again. As all the Slsuhers head to the Living Room, all of them eat breakfast, during this you get to choose what breakfast each Slush Fighter eats, as they all eat, Stick James turns the TV on and to their surprise a rally is occuring and a riot is about to erupt in the streets of Downtown and is headed to the Suburbs. The Slush Fighters head out. As they head over to the suburbs another reports occurs and says that another rally is about to happen in the Pre-School area around Slusher. Standrew tells Stucker, Stanthony, Westick, Ben Stickobi, Stick Jorge and Stickyle to investigate while they head to the Suburban district to evacuate everyone and prepare for the incoming rally attack. As Standrew, Stedro, Sthang, Stick Dan, Stick Matt, Staddison, Stick Waqas, BriStick and Stick James arrive at the Suburbs, Officer Davidstick is already taking charge of the whole crisis and has evacuated almost everyone, he commands the fighters to leave or be arrested, but before the arguing can grow, the rally attack has begun with the Ralliers invading every single houses and burning, vandalizing and destroying everything in their path. The Police try to decimate the charge, but gets overwhelmed with the raliiers using Guns and other weapons, Officer Davidstick charges and orders an immediate S.W.A.T. team reinforcement. His team takedown at least a few of them but they also get overpowered and outnumbered, the Slush Fighters charge and try to rescue the policemen, successfully they rescue all outnumbered police officers including Davidstick.

Meanwhile Stanthony and the rest arrive at the Pre-School and investigate the Rally, oddly its not an actual rally but just a "Race Car Rally", an annual "Kids only" Rally Race. Stanthony then spots Greg on top of a building, making a very childish jesture to them, Stanthony then realizes they've been tricked and they rush over to help Standrew and the others. Back with Standrew, they manage to beat all the ralliers. They take a moment of rest, that until an explosion occurs nearby. Stedro alerts them, Stick James and Sthang also check it and are surprised at the sight, amongst the flames comes out Brawler with a Massive Group of Green Groovers, he orders a Minion to fire the signal, the minion lights up a firework and it explodes.

At the East Side, Officer Davidstick calls Standrew and alerts of him of another Massive Group, at the South Side Stick Matt and Staddison alerts them at yet another Massive Group, at the North Side, Stick Waqas and 2 other officers alerts them about the Huge Group of Ralliers ready to charge at them. Standrew and the fighters prepare for an impending attack. Standrew plans it out and is having a hard time thinking of a plan to beat the incoming charge, he soon comes to a stop and orders that 3 - 5 Slush Fighters will defend all four sides and with the help of Policemen the fighters head to their position and the charge has began.

As the ralliers and groovers are being beaten, Brawler heads to a few houses and gives them all a warm, welcoming 'knock'. Standrew, Sthang and Stedro sees this and notices that there are civilians within all the houses Brawler is about to destroy, the trio run to their rescue while the other fighters fend off the charge.

The trio manages to rescue all the trapped civilians but must now face Brawler's Wrath.

As they battle Brawler the East and North Side of the post is almost broken down and the fighters are having trouble trying to defend themselves, all the while as Standrew, Stedro and Sthang are beaing 'beaten to a pulp' by Brawler. As everything now looks bleak for the Slush Fighters, it looks like the end. Luckily Stanthony arrives just in time with a large group of Policemen and S.W.A.T. forces ready to aid in the 'almost unsuccessful' defense.

After a very hopeless defense the Ralliers and Groovers have been defeated and all arrested except Brawler who managed to escape undetected, but leaves a note in Sthang's back. The note saying that "You want to find your other rallying friends? Heres a hint in where they might possibly be. SLUSHVILLE CITY HALL!!! Hope this little defense of yours was a success for you to even read this, <3 Greg!"

Standrew notices another note in the back saying "P.S: I took all of your Lemon Lime Pie and Ice Cream from Slusher's Freezer, and I took something that i think is very important, Enjoy the Rally"

Standrew is confused but with no time to waste they all head to City Hall, tagging alone is Officer Davidstick and his 4 Elite S.W.A.T. Men to help the fighters as a 'returning favor' for saving his and his mens life. (During this scene you have to choose 9 Slush Fighters to come with you, it is recommended to bring Stanthony, Stedro, Sthang, Stucker, Stick James, BriStick, Stick Jorge, Ben Stickobi and Staddison during this Boss Battle)

The Slush Fighters arrive at City Hall, but they don't see the other Ralliers. Davidstick's Men spot them at an Alleyway headed to City Hall, leading them is Blickhanh, Blagar, Bleric, Blomar and Blue Michael. They run off to stop them, Davidstick's orders 2 of his men to evacuate any civilian inside the building if they can't stop the charge. Standrew and the Slush Fighters stop them, but Blue Michael orders his ralliers to charge, making them run over the Slush Fighters giving a time to get away, the look on and see that the group have passed them and are almost at City Hall, they charge and takedown all the Ralliers, leaving the Bluish Fighters with no choice but to cancel the rally and battle them.

The Bluish Fighters separate and each fighter takes on 2 of the Slush Fighters (In this Instant any of the Bluish Fighters will automatically pick who they will fight, except Blue Michael who will battle you and the Slush Fighter who you picked first, an example would be below).

Standrew and (First picked Slush Fighters) vs. Blue Michael, etc.

Though it was exhausting they all manage to beat all the Bluish Fighters and saving them in the process, the Rally has been decimated and it is finally over, Standrew now says that all that left is find and rescue the last 10 remaining Bluish Fighters, it ends with the city of Slushville resting in peace as the Rally is over.

Part 15 - The Caped Invader! (Sthomas)Edit

2 weeks after the events of the previous episode, the Slush Fighters are ready to start the day with their usual stuff, eating breakfast, playing sports or games and training. Stick Jorge readies himself for Training and for an upcoming Tournament in which he is the Special Guest, though Sthomas is always the special guest in the tournament every year along with Stick Jorge. As Stanthony and Standrew observer Stick Jorge's training they see that he is not coping with him being the only special guest in the tournament as he is used with Sthomas with him being both the special guests of the tournament, as he ends his training, Stick James and Stucker comes and says that reports of Comic Books, Accesory Stores and the Local Power House have been ravaged by an unknown Bluish Fighter with a Blue Cape, the fighters decide to track the fighter down but Stick Jorge (and Stucker [P2]) volunteer(s) to track down the caped invader and take him down himself, he also thinks that this might be Sthomas and so he (the duo) head(s) off to find the unknown fighter.

Again, like Mission 5, this Mission is a dual story mission, like before the first players default character will be whoever is the major fighter in the mission, though if a second player is available he/she will play as the chosen character in the game.

1 Player Story:Edit

Stick Jorge heads to Galactic Comic Books, the recenlty attacked Comic Book Store that was left ravaged and almost no comics left and the attack also leaving the people who witnessed the unknown fighters wrath were left Traumatized, Stick Jorge finds a trail and follows it to the second floor of the building, the trail leads to a strangely closed window which is not scratched nor broken, partially not even dented unlike the other windows in the store. Stick Jorge opens it and it leads to an alleyway, and he follows the trail.

As he follows it something is watching him from above, Stick Jorge notices that he is being stalked, he follows the mysterious figure but fails to see who it was, he loses sight of the stranger. Unknowingly the stranger lands behind him and as Jorge looks behind him the stranger kicks him, and the stranger runs and Stick Jorge stands up and he chases after him, he chases him through the street, into the highway, to some alleyways and through the subway tunnels.

After a frustrating chase through half of the city, he finally chases him down at the Dump, where the stranger halts and Jorge is shocked as he turns around and it is revealed to be Blhomas, Stick Jorge readies himself for a possible 'Battle of Awesomely Epic Proportions!'.

After managing to weaken him a bit, Blhomas escapes and Stick Jorge chases him again to the Recycling Station of the Dump. After slowing him down, Blhomas limbs his way to the Incinerator Room, again this time only angering him, Blhomas makes a hasty run to the end of the Dump, the Dumping Cliff.

Blhomas makes a final pose and engages Jorge, though he fought mencaingly Stick Jorge manages to take him down and punch the Blue Paint off him, Sthomas, now back to normal, falls on the ground. Suddenly Jorge notices hes in the edge of the Cliff and the ground below begins to crumble until it breaks and Jorge falls, he holds on to the land on top of him, but to no avail he plunges into the Lava Pit until Sthomas, who is still weakened manages to grab his hand and pulls him up. They both take a moment of relief. The scene goes on Slusher with Sthomas being checked on and it ends with Standrew saying "21 Down" with Jorge and Sthomas both replying "9 left to go!".

2 Players Story:Edit

Coming Soon...

Part 16 - Dumb Mechanics (Stick Luke and Stickirby)Edit

On a warm, breezy and welcoming Friday Afternoon, Stick Waqas is waiting on his Problematic Investigator End-Machine (P.I.E.) for any new trouble that might be brewing up within SlushVille. Standrew is on his daily regimme (training, poster hanging, etc.), Stedro, now fully healed, is once again playing his favorite game. BriStick, Stickyle, Sthang, Stick Matt and the other female fighters are in the lobby of the 3rd floor watching a horror, survival show. Meanwhile Staddison and the other Gunners are at the Slusher Shooting Range, practicing against Test Gunners. Stucker on the other hand is at the Rooftop, practicing Tai-Chi.. Suddenly, Stick Waqas' PIE alerts him of a new problem. Residents around the suburbs report of random Tomahawks falling from the sky and being tossed at houses with other reports of 2 Mayors being spotted in the downtown and suburban districts. Standrew and the others have come to see what the alarm of the device was and Waqas explains to them. After minutes of discussion, Standrew decides to have Stucker, Westick, BriStick, Sthang, StIcy, Stammanda, Stenny, Stick Matt and Stedro investigate the reports.

Part 17 - Political Crisis! (Stickwart, Stick JK, Stick Sean, Joshtick, Marcstick, Stick Brian and Sticorey)Edit

As the team is almost complete an urgent Crisis unearths the whole city as the Mayor is held hostage in the Downtown Area with a Disruptor Beam counting down to terminate the whole city and everyone in it, as fate would have it the last remaining Bluish Fighters are in the same location guarding the building's rooftop and Greg as he now has the Mayor and the city in a knife edge, can the Slush Fighters finally defeat Greg and rescue their last friends?

Part 18 - Power House!Edit

With the whole team back, the Slush Fighters must track down the Green Groovers and end their battle.

Their search leads them the old warehouse, though Brawler greets them instead with a large group of the groover army with him, Can the fighters beat the Green Groovers Hulking Four-Armed Champion?

Part 19 - Groovy TrapEdit

The Slush Fighters continue their search at the Groovers secret Sewer base, as they are ready to finish the battle, the Green Groovers are gone, yet only a few are still at the secret base then they get an unsuspecting visit from someone. Dr.Limecavitch comes and decides that he destroys the fighters himself with regards from Greg. He unleashes his towering creation the Green Hydra. Can the Slush Fighters beat the Groovers Genius and his towering Serpent and can they find the rest of the Green Groovers?

Part 20 - The Final Showdown!Edit

As the fighters end their search for the Groovers at the City National Airport, they are shocked and surprised as the entire Green Groover army ambushes them at the Airfield, with Greg and the Slush Fighters ready to finally end the battle, will they stand Triumphant or will the Groovers finally defeat the Rainbow Power Team? The Final Showdown begins and all is ready to end their war once and for all!

The level takes place after M.19 after the Slush Fighters resurface from the Sewer and onto what seems to be an abandoned Airport just outside SlushVille, it suddenlt starts raining hard with lightning and thunder joining the fighters predicament, just as they turn around, they find themselves surrounded by a mass army of Green Groovers. Just when Standrew is about to order the rest to engage, Greg appears in a new mecha which he calls the "Transform Mecha". BriStick nonchalantly calls it 'another bucket of bolts ready to be sent to the scrap yard it came from'. Stickirby, Stucker, Stick Michael and Sthang laughs at this remark. Stick James asks what his plan is to which Greg reveals that he plans to conquer SlushVille and turn it into his own "Groovy Paradise", but the only flaw are the Slusher Denizens. Greg then orders his troops to engage the fighters and annihilate them and Standrew commands the group to fight back, both team dead set in finishing off this feud.

(Take Note that, whoever the player(s) was/were using in the previous level will be changed from the last fighter they used to Standrew (and Stick James), so be cautious on attacking dead ahead as you cannot take control of the others fighters during this next scene)

The battle then ensues, with the harsh rainy weather joining in with Greg taunting the fighters as his army battles the fighters. The fighters easily beat most of the Greens, just then, Greg orders the Limes and Greenlets to start giving support fire for the Greens. Like before, the fighters have little to no trouble handling themselves, but then Greg releases a group of Beat-Boxes onto them. The fighters deal with them, but they begin to get tired. Just then, Greg then orders the Flyers to engage, along that ordering a few more Greens, Greenlets, Limes and Beat-Boxes on them. Though now almost tired from the battle, the group makes quick work of the army. Suddenly, Greg approaches them and decides to join in.

(Take note that you will then be controlling whoever you were using from the previous level)

Greg attacks the group with his mecha, the fighters engage but is futile as the mecha and Greg don't appear to be hurt. Standrew then asks Stick Waqas what they're dealing with and he then explains, just then some of the fighters are blindsided by Greg. Knocking them down. Standrew has Stick James contact the Slush Fighters X and Stanthony for help, just then Stanthony picks up the Slusher Phone and asks the group if they're okay, Stick James says that they're far beyond from okay, he asks if the girls are at Slusher, but he says that they went out to find them after they heard the explosion from where they were. Stick James then tells Stanthony to find them and then meet them at an old abandoned Airport just outside SlushVille, Stanthony then accepts and rushes out to help.

Meanwhile, Stick Waqas deduces that he the mecha might have a weak spot, the only thing is that they have to continously hit it to find out where. Though a longshot, Standrew has the group attack. Stucker manages to find the weak spot just at the back of the mecha, Standrew then has the group attack it all at once in the back.


This section is about the Unlockables in Slush Invaders 3: The Green Groovers - Part 2. Mission 0 Unlocks: Slush Fighters (Standrew, Stucker and Stanthony), Slusher (1st Floor), Mission 1 and Free Roam Mode.

Mission 1 Unlocks: Westick and Staddison, Slusher (2nd Floor and Rooftop), Chart of Slushy's (Slush Fighter's Bio and Information), Canteen, 1st and 2nd Slushway Street and Olive Street, Gun's R' Us! and New! Training Grounds

Mission 2 Unlocks: Stick Waqas and BriStick, Slusher (3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Floor), Chart of Slushy's (Updated after every mission), Garden, Slusher X, Slush Fighters X and Training Grounds (Updated with Arena)

Mission 3 Unlocks: Ben Stickobi and Stick Jorge, Chart of Slushy's (Updated!) and Training Grounds (Updated)

Mission 4 Unlocks: Stick Matt, Sthang, Stickyle, Stick Dan, Stellis' side missions, Bonus Missions (Civilian Missions), Chart of Slushy's (Updated), Training Grounds (Updated with new Shooting Range), Slushville Downtown, Boulevard, Avenue and District, Stick Forest, Violater's Turf, Slusher (7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th Floor), Slusher X (2nd and 3rd Floor), Secret Missions, Laser Museum Gym, Long Street, Crystal Avenue and S.P.D. (Slushville Police Department)

Mission 5 Unlocks: Stick James, Chart of Slushy's (Updated), Slusher (14th - 20th Floor), Suburban Districts/Streets, Crusher's Turf, Eliminator's Turf and Slushville Subway and Train Stations.

Mission 6 Unlocks: Stedro (N/A), Slush Bus and Slushville Hospital.

Mission 7 Unlocks: Chart of Slushy's (Updated).

Mission 8 Unlocks: Young Stedro, Sthingle Elementary School, The Hoodlum's Turf and Young Slush Fighters.

Mission 9 Unlocks: Pre-Teen Stedro and Pre-Teen Slush Fighters.

Mission 10 Unlocks: Chart of Slushy's (Updated), Slusher Initiation Room, Teenage Stedro and Teenage Slush Fighters.

Mission 11 Unlocks: Big Blue, Blue Minions, Drabs, BigBoi and Chart of Slushy's (Updated).

Mission 12 Unlocks: Bluish Fighters, Chart of Slushy's (Updated) and Bad Guy Files.

Mission 13 Unlocks: Stedro, Chart of Slushy's (Updated) and Slushville (all locations).

Mission 14 Unlocks: Stickhanh, Steric, Stagar, Stick Michael and Stomar, Ultra Grounds, Chart of Slushy's (Updated), Alternate Costumes.

Mission 15 Unlocks: Sthomas, Sthomas' Room, Chart of Slushy's (Updated), Slusher Wing (extended), Slusher Rooftop and "Street Slushers" ability

Mission 16 Unlocks: Stick Luke and Stickirby, Chart of Slushy's (Updated), Slusher Cafeteria and Stick Michael's Pro Tips and Facts.

Mssion 17 Unlocks: Stickwart, Stick JK, Stick Sean, Marcstick, Sticorey, Stick Brian and Joshtick, Downtown SlushVille (extended), SlushVille Boulevard (extended), Chart of Slushy's (Updated), Standrew's Tasks and Slusher X Tower and Wing (extended)

Mission 18 Unlocks: [To be Added...]

Mission 19 Unlocks: [To be Added...]

Mission 20 Unlocks: [To be Added...]

Secret Mission 21 Unlocks: [To be Added...]


This section is about Achievements in which you unlock or receive in the game by doing a certain task as the achievement specifically says, here are some Achievements below:

Story Mode Achievements:Edit

[To be Added...]


  • Despite this game taking place after the first invasion and before the start of the new series, this does not have any relation towards the original and revisioned series, standing as a "stand-alone-spin-off-non-canon" game.