Slush Invaders 3: The Green Groovers - Part 1 is a fanmade installment of the original series and first part of the Green Groovers Enemy Arc.

Part 1 takes place after the original series and the first invasion of Slusher, with the former Big Blue has now been redeemed and the Slush Invaders finally defeated. This introduces a new group of antagonists, the Green Groovers, a group of green stickmen with the intention of taking over Slush City and turning it into a utopia of their own creation.


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  • Despite this taking place after the first invasion and before the start of the new series, this does not have any relation towards the original and revisioned series, standing as a "stand-alone-spin-off-non-canon" movie.
    • Though most of the plot of this movie, as well as the game, is mentioned in Slush Invaders: The Seriesthough in different details.