Slush Invaders: The Series is a stick figure comic series created by Red Tiger.

It is a spin-off towards the original series, Slush Invaders, which was created by Michael "Gildedguy" Moy back in 2011. However, during December 2015, the series was put on hiatus until later on in February 2016, it was announced that the series would be postponed, and eventually a week afterwards, the whole series was cancelled.

In May 2016, a post made by Red Tiger announced that the series would be redone in the form of a "reboot" to the entire story of the series, marking that the original "made no sense", however, will be currently be put on hold in favor of working more on Stickman Universe due to the series having almost 4 years left before its release.

In April 6, 2017, Red Tiger finally made his decision to differ the format of the series, turning it from an animated series to a comic series instead. His reason being that animating both this and Stickman Universe would take up too much of his time, as it will likely hold him back on finishing the latter way pass its intended release date. He also mentioned that this series will no be canon to the Stickman Universe series, but rather take specific elements from it and be its own series in its own continuity.

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The whole series is based off of Gildedguy's Slush Invaders series, with the major characters being the versions of his original characters in this series. However with the added roster of new characters, the main Slush Fighter group's focus are regularly shifted to focus to the other groups.

Due to the amount of characters in this series, the focus will shift between each group that will focus either on one, two or the whole members of each group. All of their individual stories do overlap with the main storyline and have some degree of connection to it, acting as subplots that converge to the main plot of the current arc.


Each characters are divided by teams.

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  • Original Creator and Idea based off of: Michael "Gildedguy" Moy
  • Writer and adaptation creator: Vince "Red Tiger"
  • Illustrator(s): Vince "Red Tiger", Chakatan "Akibeat" and Fan


  • The series was originally intended as an animated series much like Red Tiger's other work, Stickman Universe.