All these idiots know is to fool each other and up against each other's throats. It's really satisfying that side of mine is long gone.


Seirustick - requested by Kiki

Final Design of Seiru


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Friends, Allies, Rivals, and EnemiesEdit

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Gallery (Old Version)Edit

  • First version of Falcon
  • Unhooded Falcon

The Fan of Wiki's Old TriviaEdit

  • Falcon is an alter-ego of Fan.
  • She is based on one of Fan's favorite characters: Raven
  • She is sixteen years old. Nineteen years old on the three-year timeskip
    • Coincidentally, this creator's character is revisited after three years and will have a new appearance.

New TriviaEdit

  • Her real name is Elian Lotner.
    • Inspired by her name from series "Tales of In-Between Word" which is "Elliora Coldfall"
    • The last name "Lotner" is a last name in one of her future reincarnations.

Other User's Trivia (Old) Edit

Vincetick's TriviaEdit

  • She appears as main cast member within the revisioned "Slush Invaders: The Series".
    • She was originally a minor cast member until Season 3.
    • Within the aforementioned series, Sterika has had 7 different character changes. (Mostly her robe/cloak)
  • Her name in the series is Sterika, a stageplay name for her real life counterpart's name.
  • She is also DrewStick's girlfriend.
  • Formerly, Sterika would leave the group due to her unimaginable abilities in Season 2. But this was scrapped later on and was transferred to Stick Spring in Season 4, all except for the self-exilement.
  • Apart from Standrew, the Slush Fighters and her teammates, Sterika has had the most appearances with a total of 196.
  • In Vince's series, she is actually 20. The same age as almost everyone in the series run.
    • Though she aged to 21 at the midst of Season 3.
  • Unlike her real creator's version, her White robe/cloak is no longer with her as it was destroyed by Stick Spring in Season 4.

Seth Edit

  • She also has a dark blue robe.
  • Falcon's room has a picture of the 5 Titans.

Reserved Edit

Reserved Edit

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