Simon Flintscribe
General information

Half-Ghoul and Half-Stickman


The Big Fourstick, Awesome Defendes, The Grey Clouds (formerly)


Superhero, Villain (formerly)


The Soulless Magician, Magic Eater, The Solo Guy

Powers & Abilities

Magical Powers, Power mimicry, flight, super vision


Magic Staff and Hat


Awesome Defenders

Other Information

Magic, Card Tricks, Chess, Bloodshed (formerly)


Epic fails, being in a vehicle



Comic issue(s)

The Grey Clouds

First Appearance

The Grey Clouds

Heroic, despite of his name, is actually a former villain and was converted into a good guy after a fight with Golden-Blue Stick where he learns a lot of lessons.

Character SummaryEdit

A magician and former villain of the Defenders, he makes enemies dissapear on the thin air. He still adjusts on his hero life. It became difficult when his former partners from his past returns and let him choose which side he is.

Character StoryEdit

Coming soon... (this story is separated from this page)


{ To be added }


Despite of his name, his appearance is not actually a hero but more on a "villainy" appearance. He has red eyes, very dark blue hat, light grey outline and inner dark grey outline. He can change colors whenever he changes mood. People (stickmen) are usually intimidated by his creepy appearance...


  • Magical Powers
  • Power mimicry/negation
  • Flight (wings will appear from his back everytime he flies)
  • Superhuman Vision (laser eyes)
  • Possession (ability to take over another body)
  • Psychic Weapon
  • Teleportation


  • Alakazam!
    • He performs this trick to vanish the enemy into thin air
  • Dark Wings
    • With this upgrade, wings will be now visible although it has 45% of chance it will appear in every level.
    • Hero will create a massive black hole to suck all enemies, instantaneously klling all of them

The Fan of Wiki's TriviaEdit

  • He was inspired by Simoun (Crisostomo Ibarra) of Noli Me Tangere/El Filibusterismo in some ways.
  • Despite of his current position, he is an anti-hero.
  • His real name was Simon.
  • Simon usually finishes solo missions for his team.

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