• Scottick

    Chapter 3 - What is "Courage?"

    ...what, you were expecting an answer from me?


    (As the trio slowly progressed to Stechie's lab, carrying her damaged mechanical body, she starts to recall how she became so small to need it...)

    - It's everyone's favorite time again, flashback time! -

    (Cut to a normal-sized Stechie in the past, tinkering with her inventions.)

    Stechie: So there I was, tinkering with my-oh, the action text already said it...moving on to the good part!

    (What appears to be mechanical monstrosity approaches Stechie!)

    Stechie: Suddenly, a giant monster made out of my failed experi…

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  • Scottick

    Chapter 2 - Pick Yer Poison

    Either way, this fanfic's not dying any slower than it is now.


    (A couple of days have passed since Stristan, Stechie, and Sthien fought and defeated Skybomber. Upon his request, the three visited Skybomber in the hospital. Although there is no hostility in the air, the team is still caught in silence.)

    Stristan: if this is about what happened two days ago, we're really sorry-

    Skybomber: No, no. It's not that. I just wanted to bring you here to pass on a warning. Have any of you heard of Berzerker Corps.?

    Stristan: You mean the underground group of ma…

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  • Scottick

    Chapter 1 - The Rising Typhoon

    Who knows how things might wind up...


    (A couple of days have passed since Zeit attacked Slusher Wing. During that time, Team Revenge has dedicated much of its time attempting to retrain their powers.)

    Maxstick: You know, Scott, I gotta say this is probably your best idea ever! Retrain our powers? Why didn't I think of that?!

    Stick Garyn: Not to mention the rigorous technology courses are starting to get onto me. Alright, try it again, after installing that remote into your car, it should respond to your command.

    Maxstick: Right. RISE, REVENGE RACER! (Snaps…

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  • Scottick

    Oh boy, here we go again.

    Chapter 1 (Tandem Typhoon Trinity) ->                                                                                                                                                                       

    (Well into midnight at Slusher Wing, a dark, cloaked figure stalks around the empty campus, carefully dodging through the lights. Each step, he takes glances around, making sure that no one could notice him. Suddenly, as he takes his next step, he is abruptly halted by eight other figures, all waiting for a reaction. One finally speaks to provoke a response.)

    Scottick: Seriously, how desperate do you have to be to trespass a college campus?

    Stick Garyn: Unless he's a hobo.

    Scottick: Garyn!

    Stick Garyn: What? We're gonna be…

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  • Scottick

    Chapter 10 - Pest Control

    The most climatic anticlimax you've ever read.

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  • Scottick

    Chapter 9 - Stay in Shadow

    Don't you hate it when a story gets so dark you can't even see?

    (Team Revenge, minus Scottick, stands in front of the monitor room of X-Japan. They wait to see if Stwarm will strike first...)

    Jostick: I'd just like to say now, even though I just joined you guys, it's been an honor fighting with you all.

    Stlou: That reminds me, how did you end up in this base in the first place?

    Jostick: Well...

    - Flashback time! -

    (While walking among a path, Jostick comes across a badly covered pit with a sign pointing to it.)

    Sign: "Step here, stupid! This is not a trap! Totally not a trap at all!"

    Jostick: ... (Steps around the pit)

    (Jostick ends up stepping on another, much larger and better disguised pit.)

    BIN-101: (Comes out of a nearby bush)

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  • Scottick

    Chapter 8 - Cloning Blues

    Remember, people: they're just clones. I would never treat your actual characters like this, even though only 2 of you would still be around to care.

    (Scottick has fallen from losing his sight, with Stiris only being able to heal him partially.)

    Scottick: Man, that medallion must've cut deep through my eyes! I still can't see!

    Maxstick: And just who do you think you are blinding my friend?! (Points at ???)

    ???: Dr. Puppetts. Or as I prefer to be called...

    (Clones of The Real Sthomas - TRS-578, Fanny - FAN-819, BinaryERRORStick - BIN-101, and Rewind - REW-158 appear behind Dr. Puppetts)

    Puppetts: Master of Puppetts.

    Garyn: FIRST ONE TO FIRE WINS! (Fires his Gradius Rifle at Puppetts)

    (Puppetts snaps his fingers, FAN-819 creates a te…

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  • Scottick

    Chapter 7 - Stlars and Zeit's Not-So Excellent Adventure

    Don't let that title mislead you - there's barely any references to any time travel movies/shows. Disappointing, I know!

    < - Chapter 6

    Chapter 8 ->

    (Where we last left Team Revenge, they were standing before the red and blue stickman, and the yellow and green stickman, who have killing the team on their agenda...)

    Red and blue stickman: It's only fair you know who your killers are going to be. The name's Stlars!

    Yellow and green stickman: And I, Ze-

    Guard: EVERYONE FREEZE! Hands in the air, now-

    (Suddenly, several knives appear surrounding the guard, instantaneously stabbing him!)

    Scottick: What the?!

    Stlou: Did anyone see what happened?!

    Stick Garyn: So that's what an emo kid's dream is like!

    Yellow …

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  • Scottick

    Chapter 6 - The Kids Have Been Napping

    In which I make a plot hole by attempting to mess with the time of this fanfic. But then again, it's a fanfic on the internet. Who's gonna notice?

    (Several weeks passed since Team Revenge was formed proper. By now, the Slush Invaders have fallen. But another danger lurks, ready to present itself to the team as Strick passes the news to everyone on the team...)


    Scottick: Kidnapped? By who?

    Strick: It says right on this note they left!

    (The note reads: "If you wish to see your brother again, find us. We are X-Japan. We will be waiting.")

    Scottick: These guys again, huh? X-Japan must want to drag us in, using Stlou as bait.

    Strick: How can you talk like that?! They could be doing anyt…

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  • Scottick

    Bet you weren't expecting this, eh?

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  • Scottick

    Chapter 5 - Hurt 'n Heal

    Warning: This chapter contains copius amounts of Stiris. Readers with heart conditions are advised not to look directly at Stiris. This also applies to readers without heart conditions. She's very cute. See? See how cute she is? I'd like to give her a reassuring hug. And I'm just text! Anyways, without further ado, enjoy your mediocre fanfic.

    Chapter 6 ->

    (The streets of...whatever city Virginia Tech is located. I'm pretty sure that the actual place is a good city, but the Blues here still run rampant. Especially a group of Blues manning a stolen SWAT vehicle. We cut to a stickwoman with a staff running for her life from a group of Blues on foot...)

    ???: (Running) Okay, calm down, calm down! Just remember Magic 101! (Fl…

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  • Scottick

    Chapter 4 - Like a Hurricane

    Who could forget that this was a Slush Invaders fanfic? I almost did!

    (Two days since Stick Alex dropped into Slusher Wing, Scottick had made friends with Stick Garyn, an otaku studying engineering. Currently, they are both in Garyn's dorm, where Garyn is about to demonstrate his newest invention...)

    Scottick: And you're saying this took you how long to make?

    Garyn: 5 years. Ah, here it is! May I present to you...

    (Garyn pulls out a peculiar looking rifle from his closet)

    Garyn: The Gradius Rifle!

    Scottick: The what-the-what?

    Garyn: The Gradius Rifle. See, it functions like a regular rifle, but when I insert a Power Capsule here...

    (Garyn inserts a Power Capsule into the rifle, causing it to glow red)

    Garyn: I'll have a rifle…

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  • Scottick

    Chapter 3 - Time-Warped Hick

    Hope you've got strong hands, cause that cliffhanger from Chapter 2 won't be resolved for a while. Not that it matters, really. You probably won't care until we get there.

    (Big Blue is sitting at the "throne" of his base at the Moon, waiting...)

    Big Blue: Are you idiots finished with that time portal yet?

    Blue: Not yet, sir. We just need to adjust a few more things.

    Big Blue: Well hurry up already. The sooner we can make minions out of the past's warriors, the closer we'll get to TOTAL. GLOBAL. BLUE. SATURATION. (Evil laughter)

    (We now cut to some times in the 1800's, somewhere in the Wild West. A cowboy rides his horse through the endless desert, with a set of 2 crystal-like gems in his pants.)

    (The innuendo hurts, doesn…

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  • Scottick

    Chapter 2 - Still Putting Up a Good Fight

    The following driver is a complete idiot. Please do not attempt to recreate what he does.

    (It's just another day for Scottick, sitting on a park bench. Everything outside is just as serene as it's always been. Oh, and since the date was lost in translation, the current date is Mother's Day.)

    Scottick: I wonder if I should get something for my mother. It is Mother's Day after all. Actually, do I even know who my mother is? Darn. Oh well, maybe I'm better off not knowing, if Full Metal Alchemist has taught me anythi-

    (Suddenly, a car flies over Scottick's head!)

    Scottick: Whoa! (Looks back at the wreckage when it lands)' 'Did that car get hit by a truck or something?

    ???: Depends on what you call a truck.


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  • Scottick

    Chapter 1 - Lord Er-What Now?

    We're finally getting somewhere with this story.

    (It's been a week since Scottick woke up at Slusher Wing. His status as a college student was confirmed and his classes for the semester have been picked. We join him exiting his last class for the day: Slush Fighting 101.)

    Scottick: Oh man, what a day. A 50 page essay on Shakespeare, a 100 question test on Accounting, a playable game demo due for Coding, not to mention that my Anatomy book's not coming in for another 2 days, so I'll have to find an alternative to study out of. And then the strangest thing - "Practice your combat abilities?" What's that mean? Why does a college even have a combat class? Oh well. At least now I can go back to my dorm, cram all night …

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  • Scottick

    As the poll had decided that I should make a story with my characters (and I doubt it'll get any more votes soon), it's time I begun The Unavenged Tales. I'm aiming for once a week updates, at the least, but even I can't trust myself with that, considering school and all that. But enough rambling from me. Let's begin!

    The above is all old text when I began writing this story. You can ignore it.

    Chapter 1 ->

    (It's a peaceful, serene day in Slusher Wing. The wind gently drifts through the trees, and not a single cloud is in sight for miles. Down below unconscious dark red and black bordered stickman, surrounded by a red stickman and a light blue and dark blue bordered stickman.)

    Stlou: Hello, you awake?! Shouting's not working. We'll have …

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  • Scottick

    Chapter 8 - Believe in the Future You Must Protect

    This may very well be the most awesome part of the story.

    Surprise! It's been posted here, too!


    "That was a pretty big explosion. Where do you think it came from?"

    "That doesn't matter right now, private. We're supposed to be scouting for colony space."

    "Understood. My apologies."

    "Captain! This is scouting unit Bravo! We've just found something...most unusual!"

    "How unusual?"

    "It appears to be...something manlike! It's still alive, barely!"

    "Well. what are you waiting for? Bring it in!"

    "On it, sir!"

    "Private, dispatch a medical team t…

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  • ZGamer

    Im making a flash animation series for real this time! heres a trailer with music and sounds!

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  • The Real Sthomas


    June 5, 2015 by The Real Sthomas

    Guess what, everybody! The shipping has become so serious that I've made an entire blog post about it so you can discuss it!

    Have fun shpping-away.

    Stan VS Dag: Stan.

    Sthromas VS Ethanstick: Ethanstick

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  • Skpcboy

    Shall we...

    June 2, 2015 by Skpcboy
    1. A page with rules about making pages
    2. Useful categories (eg. Series, Character, Episode, Item)
    3. (And other stuff)

    I'll add more stoof :3

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  • ZGamer


    June 1, 2015 by ZGamer


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  • The Real Sthomas

    What would you like?

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  • Seth Reuben

    Quick blog

    May 27, 2015 by Seth Reuben

    So I wiill not be here on friday for some reason, and also I can't be active tomorrow.

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  • Darkfire545

    This is a puzzle that one of my friends told to me.

    Once upon a time there was a VERY rich man. He was so rich that he could probably buy anything. The man also had a son. The son was five years old, and he was a very good boy.
    The son’s birthday came, and the father said to the son, “You have been a good boy during the past year, so I will give you a gift. Pick anything you want. Ask, and you shall receive.”
    The son said, “Father, you have given my everything I’ve ever wanted, but all I request is 1 pink ping pong ball.”
    The father was a little confused, but the son had been good, so the father went and bought him 1 pink ping pong ball. And the son was overjoyed! He ran to his room, and the 1 pink ping pong ball was NEVER SEEN AGAIN.
    One year …

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  • The Real Sthomas


    May 21, 2015 by The Real Sthomas

    "I helped them in their time of need and then they just toss me to the curb like this? I don't think so! I'll show them! I'll show them ALL!" -???

    (P.S. This is not TRS talking)

    Update: Image number 2 has been uploaded. More mystery (and hype) comes with it.

    Update: Image number 3 has been uploaded. It does not reveal anything about his identity, but instead hints to his past.

    Also, the camera was a little screwy when I took the picture, so tilt your head to the side, please.

    Update: Sorry, I lost my drawing for the character. Please wait. I have to draw a new one.

    Final Update: FINALLY after weeks of waiting, who this character really is will now be revealed. Meet STAZAZEL, my newest villain! A natural born demon with a good side and a bad side…

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  • Vincetick

    Ayoo, guys. It's me, Vince! :D

    Well anyway, it seems that, instead of getting a plentiful amount of edits each day, as I originally expected that it would be, it seems that the only active contributors here are Me, Fanny, Try, Skp and Seth.

    Sadly it seems that my plan could backfire on me, but that thought is far from reaching the point of intervention in my perspective.

    So, to make this work, I'd say all of you unleash your inner "creative demon" and let it all out for as along as you can.

    Go crazy!

    Create a page of whatever that pops first in your head and just let it happen. There's no need to be shy around here.

    Well anyway, I'm not gonna make this blog long (as always) because, I got some editing to do myself about the the SI series and all…

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  • The Fan of Wiki


    May 11, 2015 by The Fan of Wiki

    Hey guys, Fan here!

    I'm just wondering we put other worldly fandoms (I mean cartoons, movies and anime) other than the main series. Should we go to that idea or not?

    Also, I'm thinking we should put our previous RP's here, importing the pages from the main wiki to here.

    Please put comments below if you agree to that idea or not!


    So what about the background? :3

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