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Retro&Random Retro&Random 22 November 2018


I hope I don't get banned for stating my appearances with blog posts

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Truhamahaki Truhamahaki 15 September 2018

Ooof ouch oowwww owie

PSA: the muzzle velocity of a .50 cal M82 Anti-Materiel rifle is 853 m/s.

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StAlec StAlec 27 July 2018


You know, if I were active for the past 4-5 years, I might have ended up on the Background. Tsk

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Retro&Random Retro&Random 4 June 2018


git gud son.

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Truhamahaki Truhamahaki 26 February 2018

HELLO PLEASE READ THANKS I made a discord server all the admins on this wiki get admin there probably  come on down

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YaBoiDrewy YaBoiDrewy 19 February 2018


Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Omae Wae Mo 


also im just here to say hi and also i saw a post about someone talking about making a discord and i 1000% approve of that idea for faster communication 

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Shadow Lala12 Shadow Lala12 16 February 2018

please read...

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Truhamahaki Truhamahaki 13 February 2018


I diagnose you with owie

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The Fan of Wiki The Fan of Wiki 28 October 2017

I found a gruesome discovery

Hi, guys. Fanny here!

Yes, I found a gruesome discovery why this specific person is an a-hole xD

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The Fan of Wiki The Fan of Wiki 3 October 2017

Slush Timeline

Hey, guys! Seiru here :)

This idea has been floating around in my head lately so I decided to discuss it here on this blog.

Well, let's create a timeline from 2012 up to now... especially how the users join and leave.

Also, any other suggestions we can add to this? Please leave them in the comments. :)

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The Fan of Wiki The Fan of Wiki 29 September 2017

That's It.

...I have enough holding back this anger on this specific person. He was a special one in my life.

Also, Vince, please don't delete this if you ever stumble upon this useless blog of mine. Thank you in advanced, bro.

And, let's just say, I am very ticked off. Well, you know who when the time comes or you already know who I'm talking about.

Of course, I'm expecting him to lie to me because karma hits back at me (meh, it's not that bad but STILL). I made a vent journal about this in DeviantArt. I'm warning some of the peeps here, the first rant on the list is not for little kiddies. And, come on, who blames me for being angry at that idiot for lying to me, not only once but TWICE. Are you trying to invade your past or something because I won't tolerate ano…

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Truhamahaki Truhamahaki 18 September 2017


We could make a discord server for this wiki

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The Fan of Wiki The Fan of Wiki 15 September 2017

How I think about communities (Popular Website&Social Medias)

Seiru here!

First of all, this can be an interesting topic since most of us are in communities. Of course, all of us have seen the worst in the internet from here and there. Also, people have a lot of dirty secrets right? Well, let's begin.

Warning: Strong Sexual and Swear Words. 13+ Age recommended.

Also, in a scale one to infinity, how biased are you?

  • 1 Wikia
    • 1.1 Negative Comments
    • 1.2 Positive Comments
  • 2 Tumblr
    • 2.1 Negative Comments
    • 2.2 Positive Comments
  • 3 Steam
    • 3.1 Negative Comments
    • 3.2 Positive Comments
  • 4 Facebook
    • 4.1 Negative Comments
    • 4.2 Positive Comments
  • 5 Twitter
    • 5.1 Negative Comments
    • 5.2 Positive Comments
  • 6 Conclusion

By far one of the friendliest sites for Fandoms but trolls can still get pass the protocols. Each wiki has its own rules to defend itself from the spam…

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Nemucake Nemucake 11 September 2017

Please read!!

Due to using my last name change on my old account User: RHG-Mai back in April I decided to move over here. Just for the convience of having Consistent Urls. Just thought I'd let everyone know to ease confusion of any kind ^_^ 

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The Fan of Wiki The Fan of Wiki 9 September 2017

Any Drawing Request?

Hi guys! Fanny here!

Well, I was inspired by Vince's blog for arts and stoof.

Any characters can be requested. It is optional if I should draw them in another style because that is fun if you ask me xD

  • 1 Requests
  • 2 Done!
  • 3 Gallery
  • 4 How is it made?

  1. Darkfirestick (Bob)
  2. Fireguy(?) (SirSalad)
  3. Lucius (Khen)
  4. Ajin (Chakatan)

  • Lion from Steven Universe (Drew)
  • Stick Kiki and Stick Seiru (Kiki)
  • Dosu Kinuta from Naruto (Bob)
  • Pyra and Vincentick (Vince)
  • Hiyori Lala and Destiny (Lala)
  • Careth (Seth)

Oh wait, you have questions right? (Or maybe not :P)

Welp, ask them how I made but please specify which art xD

From using references, colors, etc. You get the point :)

That's all, folks!

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Vincetick Vincetick 27 July 2017

Slush Invaders: The Series - Character Portrait Drawings

Ayoo, everyone!

Tis I, yer scurvy ol' Cap'n Voonce Sparrow. Ah, with that aside, let's get to the start of this blog of mine, shall we?

Anyway, I decided to do something all of us... well, actually, some of us haven't done in over a year and a half now as far as I can remember. And that's a blog that asks everyone, minus the person who made said blog, which character they would like to see the original poster draw and then after and then next and then next and then next and the list goes on! :D

Yeah, if you guys, the first group of users --- Fanny, Chaky, Shaden, Skp, Mart, Scott, Drew, Bobby, TRS, Khen, Francis and Try --- can remember, we all used to post blogs or at least message each other which one of us wants to see the other draw a spe…

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Chakatan Chakatan 25 July 2017


"respect wamen" he proclaimed as he stood on top of a mountain wielding a spear.

he died.

but did he really die on that faithful day?

all i can say about that is that he may not have actually died.

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The Fan of Wiki The Fan of Wiki 22 July 2017

There are three topics...

...and here they are.

Hey, guys, Fanny here.

Okay, first of all, introduction: My depression have relapsed yet again and had minor suicidal thoughts so I have no time entertaining any kind of stupidity. Seriously, put your pranks and idiocies under your bed and hope you have blast reading about my three topics..

(1) I know, you've seen this coming but it's the utmost topic I have than the other two. The problem here is, yes, it IS real and it's a very BIG deal. Mine feels like self-inflicted and I'm AWARE on what I'm saying everytime the suicide-drive activates. There are a lot of triggers to my "obsesssion" taking my life because, the way I think is, you guys are better off without me. I really don't want to be burden to anyone. And, yes, I …

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Truhamahaki Truhamahaki 6 July 2017

Helo whats up dramaalert nation

What are blogs for anyway

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Vincetick Vincetick 28 June 2017

Fanon Wiki Rules and Position/Statuses

Hey, everyone!

I just wanted to announce that by July I will be announcing the new rules of the wiki and some status updates on the wiki's members. Specifically, the admins and regular members. I'll also be updating certain things on this for the wiki and the users.

For now, this blog will be blank, but as listed below, I will update this with some of the things all of you should know by the time July begins and we can renew some new resolve and rules in the wiki for, at least, a better spread of communication and coordination among us to avoid potential inconveniences.

[ To be updated after announcement... ]

[ To be updated after announcement... ]

[ To be updated after announcement... ]

Talk to you guys later. Peace!

- Vince, MioMayuri, Yui and Nep…

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Retro&Random Retro&Random 28 June 2017


There was once unt great traveler, great indeed traveler.

Unt traveler was trying to get out of world. What world says you? Youu will see. Unt traveler looks around finding many ominous looking creatures, forms of undead and also two metre tall green creature, one unt traveler find very fascinating. With mouth almost four times big as eyes.

Nach, unt traveler roamed world in big desire to know about world unt traveler roamed in. Unt traveler learned to make tools only made by pure timber. Timber that unt traveler had harvest by biffing the topiary. Oh, How the timberland were ravaged by unt traveler. But that's not the end.

Nach, unt traveler discovered grotto, filled with metalliferous earth. There were enough goods to make unt traveler grea…

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SirSalad SirSalad 19 June 2017

Guess who's back.Back again

Finalmente....My exams are over.....So expect more of me (Yayz, just what we all wanted)

Also just a little thing I started if anyone's interested ---> Link

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Scottick Scottick 13 June 2017

Scottick's Favorite Music: beatmania IIDX (part 3)


Directory: beatmania IIDX (1st-10th Style)

beatmania IIDX (RED-tricoro)

Touhou Project

Touhou Project Arranges


That's right, we're doing this again. And a third page was just that necessary.

  • 1 SPADA
    • 1.1 Claiomh Solais
    • 1.2 Critical Crystal
    • 1.3 DARK LEGACY
    • 1.4 Devilz Sacrifice -Scapegoat-
    • 1.5 Element of SPADA
    • 1.6 INSOMNIA
    • 1.7 into the battlefield
    • 1.8 Insane Techniques
    • 1.9 Miracle 5ympho X
    • 1.10 Overload Frontier
    • 1.11 Tsumi to batsu
    • 1.12 I will be back -ore wa kaettekita-
    • 1.13 Close the World feat.a☆ru
    • 1.14 Sigmund
    • 1.15 Ancient Scapes
    • 1.16 invoker
    • 1.1…

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ItsFabDuck ItsFabDuck 5 June 2017


no i'm not , its all a lie  ' u '

or is it??? =w=

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SirSalad SirSalad 26 May 2017

Okay, I lied, sue me

Ooooooookay then so I said that I was going to to do daily episodes as in a new episode every day and if you couldn't tell then Episodes Four and Five haven't exactly been back to back soooooooo yeah. What happened? School happened.

Let me explain. When I first started to put The Alternate Team on here, school was easy. Like i'm not even kidding, I got the work done in like ten minutes it was that easy. But then, I got informed about my tests that I have in June. Now these aren't small tests, no no no, these were BIG tests. I was in my first year of doing GCSE work and these tests were going to test me on that. These tests also decided if I was going to be moving up or down groups in Science, Maths and English. And trust me. You don't want …

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Vincetick Vincetick 24 May 2017

Who did it?

Hey, everyone! It's me, Vince!

Okay, straight to the point: which one of you screwed up and changed the wiki image header to some random girl's picture?

If it's one of you guys in the wiki, then I would obviously like to say that I'm very much disappointed with the mistake you did. I'm not mad, just very disappointed that whoever you are did this mistake and now can't seem to fix it or isn't even trying to.

If it's another random troller... then by god's flaming wrath, I hope he disregards my request that your soul burn in the fiery abyss of hell and actually have mercy on you.

That's all.

- Zura.

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YaBoiDrewy YaBoiDrewy 30 April 2017


So it's been a minute since I actually did something here.



How've you been?

Been a while since I actually checked wikia in general. Not going to lie, feels refreshing to be back again. I'll still be around here and there, but not as frequent as when I first joined. Anways, nice to see you all again :) 

also the username cybermccloud is disgusting 

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Chakatan Chakatan 29 April 2017

When Time Ends

Time has stopped.

Choose carefully.

It was a blissful morning, not a cloud in sight. I was sitting on my chair, waiting for something interesting to happen. Or I would be if time was moving. For whatever reason, the world seems to have stopped. Time wasn't moving anymore, the sun not moving is enough proof already. It really is quite a strange phenomenon, but I don't really care as long as it doesn't affect me too greatly. It's not like time not moving is a bad thing, is it?

I took a sip from my tea, which was still hot even after a long time of it sitting around. It seems that tea doesn't get cold now since time isn't moving, maybe this really isn't a bad thing. I also don't get sleepy for some reason, even after a long time of me not sleepi…

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Chakatan Chakatan 21 April 2017

Chak's Random Stories no.01

Why hello there, PEASANTS.

It is I, the magnificent Chakatan and today, I will bless all of you with my random stories whom which will probably never get follow ups.

Why would you do that, you ask?

Because why not.

This story is about a small duel between friends. A small duel with a not so small outcome. A small duel that could've lead to the extinction of mankind but didn't. This is the story of that small duel.

And it all starts in the Kamibukuro Town House.

Rain, it's something I consider dear to myself. The way it fills the silence so quickly is something I adore about it so much. I love the rain, and the rain most likely loves me as well.

But sometimes, I can't help but hate it, and this is one of those days.

"Vince! The TV isn't working!"

I …

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SirSalad SirSalad 20 April 2017


Suh dudes

Two more character profiles to do and then i will be back to making episodes, yay!!!!!

P.S. Who do you think is the strongest slush defender?

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SirSalad SirSalad 20 April 2017

Might be no episodes for a couple of days

Suh dudes

So i know i said i was going to be posting episodes daily but i really want to get the character profiles done so the episodes make more sense. I also want to do this because some of them dont have a backstory yet because some characters may be more important than others so i want to get them out of the way first.

Also feel free to give feedback on my first episode so i can improve on the second one. 

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SirSalad SirSalad 18 April 2017

Suh Dudes

Suh dudes, my name is Sir Salad and i have recently just joined. I hope you guys will me as I continue to do stuff on here! So, I have a series called Slush Invaders:The Alternate Universe and I plan on adding stuff to it. I am currently doing the character pages for my slush defenders but I will soon be working on different episodes to my series. Iam planning on writing a new episode every day for now just so I can work more on the character pages but after they're all done then I will be continuing to do more episodes. I do not know how many they will be and the episodes will explain everything.

Also I do say suh dudes as my greeting so deal with it and i also say lul alot so with it....  

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Vincetick Vincetick 24 February 2017

Art Gallery Showcasing

Ayoo, y'all!

Vince here. And yes, I know, poonkek flew by (nyu~). Anyway, getting to the point I had this one other idea (out of my other endless ones) of mine that we could do for the Art Gallery (formerly the Fanart page) is that we all try to at least do some contests like who can draw each other's characters in their own respective art styles, their favorite characters in their own art styles, landscapes in their own art styles and/or wiki appreciation artworks.

I had that idea going for a long time and thought that probably it could be the best time to propose it and have you all hear it out and I would really, for once in all of your lives in the wiki, love to hear what you guys have to say about it and feel about it. Because... let's f…

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The Fan of Wiki The Fan of Wiki 3 February 2017

Recommend Any Series or Media

Hi guys, Seiru here.

I'm aiming 1000+ medias this year, I'm serious about this... from anime to cartoons to music to video games. I want to catch up because I'm waaaaay too behind and I also need to know the history and references made on media these days. It's a shame I'm decades behind despite being a multimedia artist and made me MORE insecured as the time goes by. (Screw my low self-esteem and seems like everyone is ahead of me anyway)

Just give me endless (if possible) recommendations, ESPECIALLY with the series/franchises I didn't know of. I know you guys have a lot in your sleeves so bring 'em up and I'll check them out.

  • For anime, anything that's good or you watched. I won't look it up and binge watch it right away.
  • For music, artist, bands, and …
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Darkfire545 Darkfire545 13 January 2017

Internet-senpai hates me.


I think something's wrong with my house's Internet... it's much worse than usual. And by "much worse" I mean "I can barely access anything at all and it was by sheer luck alone that I'm able to post this".

I'm pretty sure Light can access wikia through school computers, but my school's Internet filter is really strict and doesn't allow access to Wikia. I'm not sure if I can still connect with my phone or not... but even if I can, I wouldn't really be able to do anything but watch what you guys do and chat on FB.

Point is, there's a chance that we might be somewhat less active until this gets fixed.

(and yes, I know I could just go to some public Internet source... that is, if I can find…

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ZGamer ZGamer 29 December 2016

ok. raise of hands

is anyone still alive on this wiki? its very concerning... also hi again. its me. i know i havent been the most active guy ever....or at all....but im back for...i dunno. so...does anyone remember me?

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Phuongkiki21992 Phuongkiki21992 21 December 2016

Stick Kiki

Hi guy, Kiki there.

I'm introductions about my Slush Fighters, she name is: "Stick Kiki".

She is the second-in-command of Slush Fighters and also heroes too.

If you guy want to know about her, check her page.

Hope you guy like my OC.

Note: I'm drawing her in my smartphone.


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The Fan of Wiki The Fan of Wiki 19 December 2016

Any Drawing Requests? :3

Hey guys, Seiru here :3

So, any drawing requests since it's almost Christmas? I have a minor case of art block so please put fiver characters (per person). Any characters from any media will do, (yes even stickmen to video game characters will do :D)

If you want a specific art style, put them below with a character. Note that this is only optional. Example: Lathan (Disney Art Style)

By the way, real people can be included (because I need to practice for my Character Design subject that would probably murder me in the next few months).

  • I have a request but I'll tell ya next time we're in chat :3 --TRS
  • reserved
  • reserved
  • reserved
  • reserved
  • reserved
  • reserved
  • reserved
  • reserved
  • reserved
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The Real Sthomas The Real Sthomas 8 November 2016

Haven't Done One of These in a While

I wanted to use pictures but all the URLs were invalid.

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BrightXeno BrightXeno 28 July 2016


Greetings from the Phillipines! BrightXeno has been Reactivated (Though not for long), In order to share a few of my favorite songs! I'll put these in sets of four (Or in this Case, Three), And them compile them in one Main Page, This time, It's from three of my favorite series!

The reason I Chose this for number one is it is the first song in my playlist (Cheki it out it Here), It is so hyper and jolly and fast! Lyrics are so inspirative (If that is a word). And the overall feel is... Colorful! SEGA Really did a good job on picking the theme for Sonic Colors!

Sonic Colors is a game about the blue blur in SPACE! (For those who know the Sonic Series since Sonic 1, this shouldn't be a surprise). More specifically, in Eggman (The Villian)'s Int…

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Scottick Scottick 20 July 2016

Scottick's Favorite Music: Touhou Project Arranges


Directory: beatmania IIDX (1st-10th)

beatmania IIDX (RED-tricoro)


Touhou Project


Yes, the remixes (or arranges as the fandom calls them) needed their own page. They'd start to overcrowd the regular page otherwise, and you've already seen what happened to the IIDX pages. This time they'll have actual organization too!

These arranges are not just remixes by some amatuers on Youtube with Fruity Loops or something. These are dedicated musicians and music circles made to create and sell al…

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ZGamer ZGamer 19 July 2016
1 we are again

so its been a while huh? ok you know what? im gonna get to the chase, ive been gone for a long time and thats kinda dissapointing... so.. to get back im doing a project i can  actually fulfil!

ever played cards against humanity? good because im making a slush invaders deck! (including fannon stuff)


i need cards!!!

if you dont know how cards against humanity works then go look it up! 

i plan for 100 black cards and 200 white cards. so lets band together and make something!

but here are my first 5 white cards and the first 2 black cards\

white cards

1. metal stonics annoying little chao

2.gilded guys armor

3.realizing that the person who created jade made the undertale glitchtale animation series

4.wondering why there are no kid slushers

5. BLEK …

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Scottick Scottick 16 July 2016

Something Slightly Worrying

So I decided to do a Google search and I found this.

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The Fan of Wiki The Fan of Wiki 20 June 2016

Some topics

Hi guys! Seiru/Fanny here!

I just wanted to tell you I've been through a lot lately and I'm not active in my wikis that much. 

I'll divide the topics to be discussed by me because I wanted to get this off my mind as much as possible

Each time I get out of my house, I keep saying under my breath, "Hello, cruel world" instead of goodbye. These past three months of my fourth term is the most difficult because of my struggle to make progresses to chase all of my subjects. Currently, I dropped my one subject, Trigonometry, where I got failing grades on both quizzes and I stopped attending the class after showing up two or three more meetings before completely stopped. Don't worry, though, I planning to take up this subject on the next two terms. 


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BrightXeno BrightXeno 11 May 2016


Greetings from the Phillipines! BrightXeno here once again, Today, I will tell you something that you should be excited about, a few months ago, I abandoned the event I was supposed to organize, And I am VERY sorry for that, I was just Lazy :P, However, I AM here to tell you I am planning something else, and you should be very excited, Create the fighters to duke out with each other, as soon, It will be revived

That's All! BrightXeno, Signing out! Ciao!

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Vincetick Vincetick 26 April 2016

Art Tutorial - How I draw Stick Figures

Ayoo, guys!

Well, as I've been thinking for about months now, I decided to do a little tutorial about my set of art styles, with this one being about how I draw stick figures. To begin this, I'd like everyone to know that, currently, I have over 7 art styles in how I draw stick figures, which were I got for the past 6 years of me doing my own stick figure series. So yeah, that would be a bit reasonable enough, right?

So, shall we?

For now, I'll show you guys #4 of how I draw stick figures. I call #4 as my "modern style" because, well #1 - #3 were pretty much the same, except with little differences from one another which I will explain soon enough. #4 is a big separation from all three, since #4 managed to have me change the design of the cha…

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BrightXeno BrightXeno 19 April 2016

Character Test: Who do you Know?

(Weird Title, I Know)

Greetings from the Phillipines! BrightX Online Again

Following the trend of guess the character from vince's blog, I decided to make one of my own

It will use the characters You and (Mostly) I know, And here is one more thing

I will Decide to implement the "Memory" System

What is that you may ask?

Some characters have relations and friendships within the Xeno Dimension (A.K.A. My Headcanons) not known within

the Canon, So these "Memories" allow you to project a character to give a hint on a number of your choosing

I said Give a Hint, Not Give YOU a hint, once you use a memory, Everyone can see, so be careful When you use it

You can gain memories by guessing characters or buying them (Each Character has a different Token Reward…

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Vincetick Vincetick 12 April 2016

Character Guessing

Hey, everyone!

It's me again... and guess what? [You guys stink... just kidding] Anyway, I'm about to open up an old game blog of mine from the Slush Invaders Wiki which I'm sure you guys remember as "Character Guessing". Yes, it's the old game where you guys are gonna have to guess what character I'm describing in the form of minor details.

To make it a bit more challenging, this will be around the media of cartoons and anime [Manga, Video Game and Light Novels apply too toward both].

Anyway, let us begin, shall we?

Now onward... oh wait... first, of course [give me your damn wallet... I'm kidding [Don't, unless you want to]], who wants to join?

Just list your names in the comments section below and I'll get to it that you guys are entered in..…

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Lightwater454 Lightwater454 15 December 2015

Because I can

This is a blog post and It is useless

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Phuongkiki21992 Phuongkiki21992 11 November 2015

The Art Request

Hi guy, it Kiki here.

I'm making the blog called: "The Art Request."

If you want me to draw, you can asking me.

Anyway, this is my first art request.

Hope you like it and see you later.


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